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2017-10-05 23:01:10 / Author: waffleking23
Ossu! Gots today's installment ready to go here.

This week we're having a look at:

Tangle Temple - xX_Stevenboss_Xx
Night Falls - stfuwiththat
Shiny Nature - Ximuri
Inked Out - tinpig-65
Tiki Jungle Ruins - shookboys99

A pretty fun set of levels all in all, there was nothing that i could say "don't bother with this one" about. A little miffed about Inked out though. i mean, it'd been sitting there, relatively unnoticed for almost a year, then i get it recorded and suddenly it's Team Picked. i mean, come on a little. does mostly deserve it i think (though it's not completely without issues).

Behind the Curtains Stuff
Like i said in the last thread (over on LBNetwork, if you're reading this somewhere else), thanks to KG's suggestion, it looks like i've finally got the mic issue sorted. i don't really know enough about electronics to understand why a tablet charger would cause the problem, but once i got it unplugged the buzz pretty much vanished. i could even turn up the gain a little bit, so from now on, i should be a bit easier to hear.
i shouldn't toot my own horn, but i really liked how the cardboard forts turned out.
i ended up re-recording the intro to 047, which was on one hand good, because i think i got a better take, but, on the other hand, took way too much fiddling around. Along with some other stuff that came up, i didn't get the episode wrapped, but that shouldn't be too big an issue.

This month's PS+ over here was Steredenn (which is really quite fun, but man it kicks my tail) and Metal Gear 5. i have played a lot of games over the years (though really, who hasn't, i suppose), but i can't off-hand remember one that had a more interminable and unfun intro/tutorial section. When they game me the mission recap at the end, it said it took an hour and change, and i feel like i spent a quarter of that in bed, and another half slowly crawling or stumbling. Meh...

Anyway, lots to do, lots to do. As always, thank you everyone for the support! We're getting pretty close to the end of things now, and i wouldn't have made it here without you. Have a great day!
2017-10-05 23:01:10
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2017-10-09 21:52:24 / Author: waffleking23
Geeze Louise, it's the last Tuesday (Takeaway) before payday! And thank Entropy, 'cause i'm broke.

Tangle Temple - xX_StevenBoss_Xx

Not much changed here, but then again there's not really that much to change. Really the only problem is how the foreground blocks you from seeing where you are. That's not always a bad thing, mind; but if there are hazards, i do think it should be avoided. Weird but useful thing, decorations on Opacity 0 sticker material are visible, but decorations on things with Opacity Tweakers on them will fade in and out just like anything else.

Night Falls - stfuwiththat

Man...that name. i think i was happier not knowing the final section was covered with spikes, really. The first time i made it through everything went smooth as silk. Once i noticed it was all spiked up on my third playthrough, suddenly i'm timing all my jumps like garbage. i do think they could have put a checkpoint at the top of that shaft right before you get into Spike-ville proper, that would probably cut the frustration of dying there down quite a bit. Aside, but i have never been able to get over one of those connected-by-string plank bridges without falling through a gap at least once. This goes all the way back to LBP1.

Shiny Nature - Ximuri

On one hand, i wish i'd known this was an LBP2 level before i slotted it on the playlist. On the other, if i had known, i'd probably have never gotten a chance to give one of Ximuri's levels a whirl, since all of their LBP3 stuff is over the 2000plays cap. *shrug* It's as fun and relaxing as it looked, and it was nice to go through some well-put together LBP2-era level design (though i have had a little more opportunity to do that since starting up LBsP). i think i know how they did the floating water at the end. Couldn't you set emitters and creatinators to put out water, then pause in create mode and capture it as an object? You could do that with paint blobs. i think Ximuri did that, and then slapped an Anti-grav tweaker on the result. At any rate it looked as cool the fourth time as it had the previous three.

Inked Out - tinpig-65

Yeah...i blew through my five lives really early on this go around. i have the feeling this level is probably more fun to watch someone go through than to actually play yourself. Preferably someone who can breeze through it at a decent clip. It's...i can't really say it's a shame, because tinpig is successful in what they seem to be going for, but... Funny thing, but i'd actually had another tinpig level on my possibles list (The Search For....umm...something or other. 2), i went with Inked Out, because it seemed to be something a little more in my wheelhouse. Maybe i should have gone with the other one. At least i could have avoided having a level get Team Picked out from under me again.

Tiki Jungle Ruins - shookboys99

It's funny how knowing a little bit more of a creator's background can change your perspective on things. Personally, i can hardly remember what i was doing or what i was like at 7...i think smashing Matchbox cars with a mallet? Maybe that was 6, The point being, i highly doubt i'd have had the patience to put together a level like this one, even with encouragement and help with logic. It certainly works well enough as a short Oddsock racer, the bounce can break the flow of things a bit, but part of that was me forgetting just how far you can go with the spring. i probably could have kept up a bit more of a pace if i'd trusted it more. It wouldn't hurt to have just a little more decoration in there maybe on a piston or wobble bolt to give it a touch of movement, but really this is a very minor point in the scheme of things. Shookboys (Shook-Jr? There is just the one boy, right?) has done a good job here, and the level ought to get a little more love. i'll be interested to see how his skills continue to grow (let's all keep our fingers crossed that Sony with leave the remaining servers alone long enough for that to happen).

So i think that's probably the that, this go about. Nothing stand-out bad, all the levels had their flaws, but all of them had some notable high points as well. Thanks as always for your support, and to everyone still out there putting things together in LittleBigPlanet-Land.

Behind the Curtains Stuffs: Level recording's all wrapped up for Episode 048. We haven't done any hub work, but that's far less of an issue than it would have been two months ago, so i'm not sweating. That's...really...that's it. Weird.
2017-10-09 21:52:24
Posts: 342
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