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2017-09-21 23:00:40 / Author: waffleking23
i'll be your leprechaun/ shamrock, your lucky charm/ whoa oh, yeah

Err...wait... It's not karaoke time (not that they have any real good Faith No More on the machines here), it's time for another R15F.

This week we're taking a look at:

Watergrass Pier - RHONE93
Wonderland - OxidationZombie
Darkness in the Sea - GhostChild87
Swamp of the Great Beast - kcabe1
La pyramide de kheops - CYBY57

This set has got some...interesting levels. i think this is another of those "firsts" ones. i'll let you find out which first for yourselves. Still, there's nothing here i'd explicitly warn people away from, so give 'em a play, yeah? We also get to see the new hub, so that's cool.

Behind the curtains stuffs: i think mic/headphone cables, and the placement/adjustment thereof is just the adult-hood equivalent of bunny ears on the tv for me. This episode things went without too much of a hitch (well, i did need to rerecord the intro for volume), it seemed i'd found the perfect distance to sit from the PS4 to get that background buzz out. Did the LBsP, no issues. Did the level recordings for ep45, everything's fine. Sit down to record the intro and suddenly, i cannot find that sweet spot again. i'm sitting in the same exact spot, but now the buzz is horrendous. Move around to here or there, the only place where it's acceptably gone (not completely gone, but so soft you'd have to be listening for it to hear it) is standing about a half metre back, but hunched down a bit towards the console. Obviously this is not ideal.
After fiddling with it a significant chunk of yesterday morning, decided "bugger this for a game of soldiers" and took a walk. Picked up the last book of I Am A Hero, and the last couple of Soul Eater (don't know why i'd stopped reading Soul Eater just 3books before the end). Parked myself in a park and read through the afternoon. It was nice. i was kind of shocked at how utterly and completely Hideo (I Am a Hero's main character) fails at his goals. Usually authors try to end on a higher note.
The takeaway here is mostly that i haven't wrapped ep45 yet. Once i get the mic de-kinked, though, it should go smoothly.  i've got the apartment to m'self most this week, so i don't need to rush things any.

As always, thank you, everyone, for the support! We're under the two months to go mark, which is pretty wild. i've been having a ball (dumb headset aside), and am glad you're enjoying it as well. Take care, and have a great day!
2017-09-21 23:00:40
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2017-09-22 13:23:35 / Author: mdkd
THX for sharing! I appreaciate your work. I would be sad if you didn't create the videos anymore!
2017-09-22 13:23:35
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2017-09-25 21:58:45 / Author: waffleking23
Danke, mdkd! We've still got 7weeks to figure out our next steps, but to be honest, i think i'm leaning toward continuing just at this moment.

Beep beep, Richie, it's Tuesday Takeaway time!

Watergrass Pier - RHONE93

Ok, this one was odd. i just used the corner climb to beat the level in about 30seconds. Basically you can skip most everything we saw in the video. Umm... yeah, i don't know what's up with that. Personally i don't exactly mind directionless, "poke around and see what you see"-type levels, but i'm really not a fan of bait-and-switch; and i feel like that's what's going on with the race gate. The railcart breaking is, i think, intentional so you have to go into the water. The pixel chicken said there were multiple ways out of the level, but i only found the one i used last time (i just got there quicker).

Wonderland - OxidationZombie

i think i tend to be more forgiving of small slip-ups in levels from first-time creators than those from folks with more experience under their belts. That may not be entirely fair. On the other hand, i was taken aback by the visual presentation here, and by the solid (if simple) gameplay. It has a very nice flow to it that was fairly surprising seeing as a lot of first-time levels tend to be fairly herky-jerky in that department. i didn't find more drop-outs beyond the few early on in the level, i think they were from leaving space open to allow those platforms to rise up, something that could have been avoided with a physics tweaker set to ignore the floor, and extending that material one layer deeper. Still, i'm looking forward to seeing more out of OxidationZombie.

Darkness In The Sea - GhostChild87

Yeah...this one wasn't quite so funny on the third go around, especially since i knew you could just hop a layer forward when entering the water and bypass the sharks altogether.

The Swamp of the Great Beast - kcabe1

You can actually jet through this one pretty quickly once you know what you're doing. There's only one bit where the jumps are a bit tricky, and you'll only get set back if you miss them. i think this could probably be spruced up into something much nicer with a few more rounds of decorations, and a bit of tuning with the cameras. It definitely would have been nicer to have the point bubbles a little more spread out, both to avoid that clumped-up look that KG mentions, and to encourage players to keep up a pace instead of dawdling.

La pyramide de kheops - cyby57

There's not much more to be said about this one. It remains a beautiful exploratory level that's very light on gameplay. Just wish they'd done something about those walls. The statue was a bit of a pain as well, but it was kind of funny to watch myself headbutt it down the path.

So...that's the that for this week. Just the one stinker, and that's really more that i haven't much taste for the shark levels, maybe you love them. i try not to judge. Nothing really behind the curtain this time, we covered most everything in yesterday's LBsP post.

Thanks to all of you for giving me the chance to do this, and for all the feedback. i hope you're all doing well, and that you have a fine day!
2017-09-25 21:58:45
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2017-09-25 22:32:45 / Author: mdkd
Looks like a series of some 'meh' levels.
2017-09-25 22:32:45
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