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2017-09-07 23:04:59 / Author: waffleking23
Ossu! New episode off the presses over here!

This week we're taking a look at:

¡Hora de Picnic! - Lau_Argen
The Crazy Factory - bossman3009
Seaside sideshow - NOVALIS_2017
Pencil and Paper - Spidersackboy28
Mount Moltar - iKyle94.

It's an...interesting set of levels here. All of them have at least something worth a play, so give 'em a look.

Behind the curtain stuff: Ehh...i suppose everyone has peaks and valleys of motivation, so the experience shouldn't be novel, but the last few days i just haven't been up to do much of anything. Don't know what the issue is, though things seem to be picking up a bit right this moment. The upshot is i'm set on Isaac recordings for the next two weeks or so (i did about 9hrs worth yesterday, i think). That's one of the nice things about Isaac, it's so low input (for me), it's easy to set down and do, even when i don't want to do anything. The bad news is i haven't gotten any further with episode 43 than i was on Tuesday, nor have i gotten an episode of LBsP done. It's not a ginormous issue, i'll just be eating a bit into my buffer; but at the same time it's kind of disappointing. Feh,,,
Ahh.... to not end on a negative note, i really liked how the title card worked out this week. And it's nice to see Ophidea Bombastus again, she should be getting a little development towards the end of the season.

As always, thank you, everyone for all the interest and support! i'm glad you've been enjoying these, and that you're finding things to play (though many of you have been helping me find things to feature. Mutually beneficial relationship!). Take care of yourselves, and have a great day!
2017-09-07 23:04:59
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2017-09-12 00:42:09 / Author: waffleking23
How is it already Tuesday (Takeaway)?

iHora de Picnic! - Lau_Argen

Even on a 3rd(?) playthrough the sliding block puzzle is just so. freaking. awkward. Which i suppose is ok, because the grappling is pretty awkward as well. It's almost a theme. i have to give props for trying something different, it's just such a poor fit. On the positive side, it's a cute level, and i particularly liked the wolf right toward the end; can't remember if i showed that in a PiP or not.

The Crazy Factory - bossman3009

Came away this time feeling about as i did the first time. The visual presentation is neat, and i really liked the secrets; but the checkpoint placement could use a little bit of work. Still, unless you get caught in a real nasty frustration loop with that plasma section, you should be able to plow through this one pretty quickly; and that can be nice.

Seaside Sideshow - NOVALIS_2017

There's no way around the fact that this is pretty blocky in presentation, and slight in gameplay; but it still had its own charm, and it wasn't unfun, exactly. The duck bit...that was...well, not great. The platforms seemed both bouncy and slippery, but it the rainbows above them lit on and off, which was a nice little touch. The weird TikiChef was well-animated, as well, now that i think of it. i'll be interested to see if Novalis grows as a creator, or kind of plateaus out with this style of level. That wouldn't necessarily be the worst thing in the world, mind. The level is at least a level, and not just a random collection of crud.

Pencil and Paper - Spidersackboy28

It's definitely a good level, to be sure. There's a nice mix of gameplay, but it's not so overstuffed that things start to feel random. A little work could've been done to better incorporate the bounce pads into the "2d in a notebook" look of those areas, so that stands against. The real issue, to me, is what i said in the episode, it feels like they couldn't decide if they wanted to go all in on the concept, or just kind of have it there; i think the split nature there works against it, especially as it's billed as being strictly the one.

Mount Moltar - iKyle94

i really liked this level, even though the gameplay kicked my teeth in a bit. iKyle does an excellent job with visual design and building an environment, and it stands a strong contrast to the far more bland-looking Ancient Temple from last week. i think if the boss were nixed, it'd be all-around perfect.

So, that's the that this week. A pretty fun set, all around; and i've found a new creator to keep half an eye on. Which reminds me, rud-54 seems to have really taken off since the Canyons level we looked at...ahh...well, not that many episodes back.

Behind the curtain stuffs: Not much to say here, i'm elbow deep in stuff to record just this second. i can at least say Episode 043 is wrapped and has been put up on the 'Tube, so that's one thing off my mind.

Catch y'all later, and thanks for the support!
2017-09-12 00:42:09
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