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LBP RÉSUMÉ [1.00] - Your own summary of your skills, presented in a simple way

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2017-08-27 22:31:10 / Author: Pokimaru
LBP RÉSUMÉ is a summary of your skills and knowledge you've acquired so it will be easy to look for others to call for help in their levels if they need to or if someone has a clan or group looking for talented people. 

  Please notice that this is very new and I have some ideas on how to improve but I might have missed something that would be useful to have on the level, so feedback is highly appreciated.

LBP.ME link:
Images I uploaded in LBP (not the best quality because I took them straight from LBP.ME)
The level also includes some notes to the right on how to make your own.

  (A copy able version is also available by pressing triangle 3 times.)
2017-08-27 22:31:10
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2017-10-03 19:58:14 / Author: Turretvista
Neat, mate. I'll look at it.
2017-10-03 19:58:14
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2017-10-04 04:02:40 / Author: kubac2000
This is actually very clever as long as it lasts. One suggestion though: Include the time when the player is able to be contacted and requested for help.

I personally would want to take part in résumé since I rarely play LBP3 because there is not enough motivation for me to play that game. But even though I'd gladly help whenever I'll be able to.
2017-10-04 04:02:40
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