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2017-08-26 02:20:10 / Author: ramkibainu

Year 2031: the global warming melted the polar ice flooding the cities and pollution made the water toxic, you are the last hope of sackind...

My first goal was to make this background with the buildings and the muddy water with the abandoned ships and the rusty industrial scenery that I imagined, it took me 5 iterations of the level to capture the idea but ended very well c:

My second goal was adding a variety of gameplay and realistic obstacles, avoiding the in game assets like switches,jump pads or bubbles instead I created the valves,rafting and so, I tried the gun as a power up but the sackgirl looked weird due the huge size of her head, so decided to use a drone, you can aim and shoot manually so it add another layer of gameplay.
But maybe my favourite invention was the climbable chains, it's something really fun to use c:

 I have to thank to Adamaniac (credited inside the lvl) because his music helped to give that melancholy feeling to my level with the constant rain and the overall atmosphere.

My apologies for grammar mistakes because English isn't my first language and for a rare bug that causes the scores not appear, my level is set for 1 player not versus, the board is set to show the score, even the purified water bottles shows the points whenever you take them, so I don't know what caused the score bug.

Thank you for the kind words of those that enjoyed my story, it inspires me to continue creating c:
2017-08-26 02:20:10
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