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2017-08-24 23:01:04 / Author: waffleking23
Alright, comin' back around again with a fresh ep over here.

This time we're taking a look at:

Paintformer - JotaxWarrior
Natal na montanha - JVFFPL
Forgotten Forest - DarkSean_1 (Currently Down)
CoLoRs - pierrotcoco869
No Bouncing! - Nickey211

Some real fun levels here, and none of the issues from last week, which is great. Everything deserves to get at least a play, go give 'em a once over.

One weird point, though; so...Forgotten Forest, right? We'd done the primary recording, and then the creator took it down. So, i contacted them to find out what was up. Hoping it was a thing like SnakeOwl's Mushroom Hamlet, i went through with recording and wrapping up the episode. Naturally, once i'd gotten it uploaded, DarkSean_1 gets back to me. Says, he's a horror creator and to look at his Horror level, instead. i go back to his profile to reply, and sure enough both the levels that'd been up previously had been taken down and replaced with something called Horror, and something else i forget the name of. Going back to his profile now to see if he'd at least republished Forgotten Forest, that was still gone, but so were the two horror-theme levels. Now there's an Attract-o-gel level and a Paint level. Eh? Is that a thing people do? 'cause it seems a bit odd to me.

Behind the Curtain stuffs: i'd first had the idea of doing this hub a while back, but it never really seemed to fit in. Being lost in space and time made for a good excuse. In my head it seemed so easy, everything was already made, so i'd just have to add the episode elements, like the board, and we'd be good to go (this was before i got the idea of using cardboard cutouts). As you can imagine, it was not "so easy." At least i found out first hand that editing a LBP1 era level in LBP3 can do really weird things (like all the pistons or other moving objects set to 400 for speed). Really, it would have been easier to make something new from scratch.
This is one of the few times the title actually has something to do with the episode. In Japanese "A long time ago" is "Mukashi," which is written as ?. When i was first learning kanji, and having trouble remembering them, i would make mnemonics. The one for mukashi is the only one i still remember, "In the old days, people wore hats." 'cause the bit on top looks like a hat, and the bit on the bottom is the kanji for day, Hi, ?. Even after 13yrs, that sticks with me for some reason.
Next week's episode is in the bag. i just remembered this moment i forgot to add a gag in the second half,, what you gonna do. Still, the levels were cool, and i like how the hub turned out.

As always, thanks for all the support everyone! i'm glad you're having as good a time with this as i am. Have a great day, and happy creating!
2017-08-24 23:01:04
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2017-08-28 21:15:59 / Author: waffleking23
Alright! Time for the Tuesday Takeaway! Beep beep boop boop!

Paintformer - JotaxWarrior
i'm not crazy when i saw this had been picked for Team Pick, right? That wasn't a hallucination? 'cause it's missing the pink ribbon at the moment. It said that it'd been updated, though, maybe that had something to do with it? Anyway, i didn't notice anything particularly different, aside from being a little more likely to fall out of layer (and level) early on in the level. On the other hand the paint gun glitch was still gone, so that's good. One thing i forgot to say in the episode was the level seems to miss its chance to wrap things up. i mean, the level seems like it could end after the tentacle pool, but there's still a fairly good chunk to go after that.

Natal na montanha - JVFFPL
Still a solid enough gimmick power-up level here. As KG mentioned, the sequencer music can be far too loud, and it's all Christmas songs. i don't have a particular loathing of Christmas music, but i can't really say it's number one on my hit parade either. i wish they'd pushed to get just a little more out of the power-up, it's pretty well put together, but it just gets that one usage throughout. One odd, negative point here. So the first time i played through, as i mentioned in the video, it completely froze my system (perhaps appropriate, given the theme). Well, the same exact thing happened in the same exact spot this morning's playthrough as well. That's got to be on their end, right? Wonder what's up with that.

Forgotten Forest - Darksean_1(?)
So...yeah, i got that comment on YT that maybe the level'd been klepped from someone else. i can't really check, on account of the Recent Activity list only going back so far, and Darksean_1 is hella active. Though the fact that they've got a completely new avatar, and a completely different level published (with the two i saw last time no longer inn evidence) raises just a few suspicions. i guess if a level's been set to copy-able, well, someone can copy it and do whatever they like with it; but i didn't see any indication or credit given when i played, and if that is the case, well, that's kind of crappy.

CoLoRs - pierrotcoco869
It's not a particularly flash level, but it's fun and i was kept moving throughout. Could probably stand as one of those palate-cleanser levels to play between meatier ones, or after you've played something that's just not fun at all. i still think pierrotcoco could toss in a race gate pretty easily to give a bit more replayability, but that's a fairly minor gripe.

No Bouncing! - Nickey211's a bit hard to be perfectly objective with this one, because, personally, i didn't like it all that much. There aren't any glaring errors, or anything like that, it's exists, that's about what you can say for it. If there are folks who like it, that's great, but it's not really my thing. i still think adding a flicker to the bounce pad would put things a bit more in the skill over luck category, but maybe that's just me.

So...that's the that for this week. A couple of solid fun levels, a pretty decent one that can go sideways on you, and an object in space, and a big fat question mark i doubt we'll get a clear answer to. Still, nothing that you could point out and say was objectively terrible, or even bad. So that's nice.

Behind the curtains stuff: been feeling a bit disjointed and off this past week. Nothing serious, so no worries, but i didn't get nearly as much done as i'd usually like. There's something about the change in seasons that always does me in, and my sleep-schedule has been even more borked than usual; there was one night where i basically passed out at about 7.30p, and a morning where i woke up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at 2a.

i've got the levels for episode 42recorded, so there's that; but a game crash went and ate about half the dialogue and camera work i'd done for the hub. i'm...kind of ok with that really (except for the time issue). i haven't worked much with Freddy and Naoki, and haven't really found their "voices" yet. Even when i was putting in their lines, it wasn't really clicking for me. Maybe a scrub and re-do will help. This will be one of the last major hubs i make for the series (major in the sense that it's completely different, and needs it's own noodling with logic and set-up). Episode 43 will be in an older hub with some minor tweaks, and except for two, the rest of the episodes should be in the same (which i'll have to make, but it'll only be the one time) location. i feel like, one of the episode threads way back when, i'd mentioned there probably not being a new hub each week, because i wouldn't be able to keep up with it. i'm glad that only turned out to be partially right, but it has been a job of work. Still all of the hubs are still around, and can be refashioned and repurposed in the future. It might make it easier to commit to a second season.

As always, thank you all so much for the support and feedback. i appreciate the lot of it, and all of you. It's been a weird 9 (10?) months, and this project, and the response to it has been a lot in keeping me roughly sane and not constantly moosey-faced. Y'all have a great day, and know you're good peoples.
2017-08-28 21:15:59
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2017-08-29 11:35:03 / Author: TROOK

Here u can play awesome level : this level called molten Metal  Facility (platformer)
 I hope u like it  

Happy birthday LBF
2017-08-29 11:35:03
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2017-09-01 02:16:09 / Author: waffleking23

That's a real good one, isn't it? We took a look at it back in February in Episode 11.
2017-09-01 02:16:09
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