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Crash Bandicoot Resacked - N. Sanity Island

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2017-08-21 16:24:26 / Author: Firehuntah
Alright, let this be the first level I post about here. It actually has been a while since I published my last level anyway (6 years!) which was a Crash Bandicoot demo level in LBP2. But here I finally am again with a whole new level (not a demo this time ). Been pretty much working on it since that demo level in LBP2 but a lot of things came inbetween and then LBP3 was released. I pretty much started from scratch again there since there were so many possibilities with all of the new logic pieces and the 3D movement. But it still took quite a while to actually finish it. Not much time and always had some other games that I wanted to play as well. After working on it a bit more these last few days I finally completed it. Really wanted to add a lot more but unfortunately that thermo space is always very limited. Had to reduce the amount of crates and I couldn't add any enemies because of this. All of the logic needed takes up so much space.
Hope everyone who gives it a try enjoys playing it. Please let me know what you think and if you run into any issues. Playtested it alot to make sure there aren't any bugs but you never know.

Level description:
Play as Crash Bandicoot in this resacked version of N. Sanity Island. Spin, slide and jump through all of the crates and obstacles. Try and get all of the crates with as many lives and wumpa fruits as possible to get the highest score. Based on a few of the sections and levels in the original Crash Bandicoot games. Not much eye candy but lots of logic pieces to really simulate the Crash and crate physics pretty well. - Credits: Vangaurd227 - Music || Steve_Big_Guns - Starting point for 3D movement system

Level link:
Crash Bandicoot Resacked - N. Sanity Island

Quick playthrough of the level:
2017-08-21 16:24:26
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2017-08-21 19:20:50 / Author: mdkd
I'll take a look at it!
2017-08-21 19:20:50
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2017-08-21 21:29:16 / Author: Firehuntah

For anyone playing it, please do let me know what you think of the difficulty to complete it, if you can actually complete it. So far out of the 64 plays it has it's only been completed once, which is a bit worrying. I mean it is a real Crash Bandicoot level so it's not going to be easy but still.. I'm just wondering why not more people are being able to complete it. Maybe not having infinite lives and not wanting to restart after game over has something to do with it but that's a big part of Crash Bandicoot so I feel I shouldn't be changing that.
2017-08-21 21:29:16
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