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2017-08-17 23:01:02 / Author: waffleking23
Looks like it's that time again, got this week's episode fresh out of the oven!

This time we're looking at:

Cardboard land 4 - BLACKCATMAFIA
Mystic Forest 2.5: Unexplored Depths - CarZy_Tito
Beneath The Floorboards - OscarBentley
Cubic Platformer - Pixel_Fox_505

They're all pretty fun, and worth a good look. There's a fifth level mentioned, and if you want to do the leg work you can find it; but i'm not giving it any more help than it ostensibly gets in the episode. Give these ones a look though, they're pretty fun.

Behind the curtain stuff: So...every anime worth its salt eventually gets a beach episode. We're not making anime, but we do have a show on the beach. Nothing could possibly go wrong. Right? This was a pretty fun, if frustrating hub to put together. i finally got around to working out how to do a passable undulation effect. There are surely better ways than what i came up with, but it worked for me.
We've got all the major stuff for next week's episode worked out, which is good, and basically puts us on schedule again. i'm just putting together the title and end cards right now, and that pretty much puts it to bed. Speaking of, i really liked how the title card for this week's episode turned out. The idea that there's an Adventurer theme park, where you could take your kids and they could try their hands against learner-monsters really tickles me for some reason.

As always, thanks for all the support, folks. It pleases me to no end that y'all are having a good time with this. Have a great day, now!
2017-08-17 23:01:02
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2017-08-22 01:41:45 / Author: waffleking23
Okee dokee, Tuesday Takeaway time!

Cardboard land 4 - BLACKCATMAFIA
This one's still a pretty solid meh. i mean, i had a good enough time with it, but all the issues in the video are still present.

Mystic Forest 3? 2.5? - CraZy_Tito
This one seems to have gotten an upgrade since we looked at it last. The visual field felt a bit more clear this time, so if i had to guess, the cameras got tweaked, and maybe the lighting bumped up just a touch? One thing that did get on my nerves a bit, that i forgot to mention in episode: there's a short underwater bit, right? Well, once you're on land again, if you try to jump in the water on the other side of the rock you're on, you die immediately (in fact, all water except the underwater bit us hazardous). i feel like a creator really should choose one or the other, or else make the water's looks clearly different (like sludgy for the hazardous bits, pure and clean for the swimming ones).

Beneath the Floorboards - OscarBentley
This one's another that didn't change so much for me, which is fine, because i rather liked it. Music's still a pretty iffy fit, though. One thing i forgot in the episode, there's a bit where you need to pull down a sponge to raise a wall, then run under as little Tog to get a bonus key. There is no way it can be done given the speed the wall drops. It's only for points, so no biggie, but still, right?

Cubic Platformer - Pixel_Fox_505
And, again, this one is what it is, but still a fun enough few minutes. The velociraptor didn't fall off this time, so either it was fixed, or i'd been unlucky before. Physics!

So that's the that. On average, everything was fun enough to give at least one go to, so that's nice.

Behind the curtain stuffs: Episode 40's been in the bag, and first recordings of the levels for 41 are done. i think i kind of like doing the levels first, because i don't feel quite so rushed with putting the hub together. i've got the main pieces done, but there's a lot of detail work i want to do. And, of course, the usual cameras and dialogue. Weird thing, but i don't have the fish constellation sticker, and i definitely should. It's a level completion prize for Full Metal Rabbit, and that was unlocked on this account ages ago (even if it hadn't been, i just finished playing through LBP2 again last week). i could make my own, sure, but it still cheeses me off abit.
2017-08-22 01:41:45
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