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Walter Utopia - A Platforming Beat em' Up!

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2017-07-28 05:56:50 / Author: VoksMaiGosh
Hello! I'm here to talk about my latest adventure, Walter Utopia! 

It is a platforming beat em' up, single player only. Walter is roaming about a wierd land, collecting keys and Golden Nuggets. His mission, to stop an evil wizard. Not very deep but enough to keep the flow of the game going.

It's a rather lengthy adventure and uses the Organizitron for it's progress and save management. 
Right now version 1 is out, tested and hopefully stable to play! This was created on the PS3 version of LBP3 but I heavily recommend playing on PS4. I hope you enjoy!

Level Link:
2017-07-28 05:56:50
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2017-07-28 06:49:26 / Author: mdkd
Thank you for sharing! I wil play your level today.
2017-07-28 06:49:26
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2017-07-30 10:42:49 / Author: bzr242
I played your adventure map yesterday. At least I played parts of it, then I ran out of time. Unfortunately...

As far as what I have seen, your adventure is simply one of the best user-made adventure maps I ever played on LBP (mind I don't play that much online). I found the clock-tower-episode and the beach-episode extremely well made both in visual design and game design. They are creative, innovative and incredibly well done. Normally I'm not a huge fan of sackbot-actors and customized controlls, but in your case they worked smoothly and perfectly and actually added to the game-experience. Without, and that is the most important thing, destroying the fast and easy and above all intuitive way of the original game.

Your level-design is complex, well balanced and each stage has some unique look and feel to it.

And the back-story is funny and actually adds to the gameplay, like in boss fights. Cut-scenes are not over-excessive, and don't interfere much with the flow while gaming.

I'm totally impressed. That adventure map could very well be an official expansion.

I'll definetly will come back and play the rest of it as soon as I find the time.
2017-07-30 10:42:49
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2017-07-30 11:27:33 / Author: mdkd
Sounds promising. I think I'll play the adventure now! I will leave a review here and in LBP.
2017-07-30 11:27:33
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2017-07-30 12:47:48 / Author: bzr242
Thanks mdkd for reminding me.

I Will add a review on LBP, too, when I play the map again.
2017-07-30 12:47:48
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