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2017-07-27 23:00:32 / Author: waffleking23
Alrighty, we've got a new R15F up and running!

This week we're giving a look at:

Factory Shutdown - Cubixphere
Oddsock's Platformer of Oddsockness! - ysqdhan
Dr Zomboss's Fortress - SonicShadowYoshi
G.Crab - yamptt
The Castle Crimson - ZNBJ

Yes, Factory Shutdown got picked for LotD, and i'll bet if The Castle Crimson hasn't yet, it will be eventually. Still, fun levels that i, for the most part, had a good time with. Keep an eye on G.Crab as a dark horse contender.

Behind the curtain stuff: i have no idea why Officer Sommerset's arm is glowing like that in the title card. Still, it's a neat effect, and it works for the character. i've really been enjoying using the title cards to show a little bit more of Yokaihama.
i did decide to implement the Orange Diamond that was talked about with the previous episode. It's too late to make an appearance in Remit, but i'm sure it'll come up sometime in the future.
So, Wednesday night, we may have gone a little overboard with a party with old friends. Everyone had a good time mind, but Thursday wasn't feeling nearly so chipper. Also, somehow, i went and scalded the heck out of my right pointer finger; so i basically got no show related stuff done. Unusually, i've got an empty Friday to make up for it, but i'm still feeling a wee bit salty with myself. and learn, hopefully at least.

As always, thanks for all the support. i hope you have fun with this episode! Have a great day!
2017-07-27 23:00:32
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2017-07-31 21:11:44 / Author: waffleking23
Beep beep beep, Tuesday Takeaway Time!

Factory Shutdown - Cubixphere

This one is really quite solid on, and there were some cool, minor changes to the level if you try the race. A different bgm track, the magic mouth dialogue and cutscenes not getting triggered, things like that. One thing i noticed this time around for the negative column, if you're in a rush, hitting the power-up triggering lamps while layer changing can be a real pain in the rear; and once you've screwed it up once, you'll probably miss it the next couple of times due to frustration. Aside from that, this is a good 'un, and deserving of the Level of the Day.

Oddsock's Platformer of Oddsockness - ysqdhan

Yar, this one feels like a rough draft that would need a pretty solid going over to make into a decent level. Placement of platforms is just off enough that you constantly need to slow down to make sure your next jump is going to land where you need it. Those divots from the point bubble placement also keep you from getting up a nice even pace throughout (and can kill you if you hit one wrong). Not the worst level i've played, not by a wide margin, but, still, not particularly good, either.

Dr Zomboss's Fortress - SonicShadowYoshi

i found myself having a lot more fun with this one, maybe it was just having a better idea about the layout (and about that layout, i don't remember if i noticed at the time, but there's a pretty big loop going on, and you can see one of the early obstacle rooms much later on in the level). Something that came to me though, considering the music, i almost feel like the material set ought to be swapped out completely (except for maybe the conveyors). It's got a kind of retro-future Sonic the Hedgehog feel to it (appropriate, considering the creator's name), something more along the lines of the Casino Zone (if i'm remembering right), would've worked better. Maybe that's just me, though.

G.Crab - yamptt

i can't seem to use a Japanese character set when inputting text in the USside version of LBP3, even with the system language changed. This makes me sad, because i'd really wanted to tell yamptt just how much fun i had here, and i get the feeling their English isn't particularly great. Really, stepping back and looking at it with the cold eyes of logic, this one shouldn't really work for me at all. It's presenting environment over gameplay, and that environment is huge slabs, and empty spaces where there shouldn't be, there's little to no cohesion in the sticker choices; and for the gameplay, LBP1era super-quick spike traps anyone? And yet, and yet, did i ever have a great time. It's not just the Giant Crabs (though they certainly helped), there's just this good-natured, goofy charm throughout the level. It helps, i think that you're pretty active and moving throughout. Unlike Mijinko, with it's vast areas of just horizontal running, this one's short, sweet, and to the point. At only 2minutes or so, everyone ought to give this one a look (really, it's only got 160some plays, that's just a sin).

The Castle Crimson - ZNBJ

This one is another with far fewer plays than it deserves (though at 992, that's pretty lofty for me). Funny thing, but i must've turned up my gamma to play some other level, because everything was brighter this go around. This may be the only time i say this, but it really looks better with the gamma down. The various light-providing materials are more than enough, and all that red in the dark is hella-atmospheric. Hopefully whomever's picking the Level of the Day can throw some love ZNBJ's way, 'cause they've made something that's quite stand-out.

So, i think that about does it for this week. Aside from the Oddsock one, everything had something to recommend it, and was enjoyable to go through. And even the Oddsock one was hardly getting teeth pulled, or anything like that. It probably didn't help that it was following Factory Shutdown on the playlist, though.

Behind the curtain stuff: So...a little behind again. Learning how to do stuff (here, mainly simple things with multiple Wobble Bolts) i should've picked up ages ago, and it's slowing me down. Still, with luck i should have the set and intro kitted up today, so we can do level recording tomorrow. Got a bit of an Isaac backlog as well, so i don't need to juggle that. i'd like to get a LBsP episode out tomorrow, but that's probably not feasible. Thursday's definitely a safer bet.

As always, thanks for all the support and feedback, folks; it all really means a lot to me. i hope you're having some fun with these levels, and maybe finding creators to follow. Y'all have a great day, now, eh?
2017-07-31 21:11:44
Posts: 342
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