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2017-06-24 12:38:32 / Author: t567y-
Hi guys! How's it going? My friend Robo_Ranger published a new level called Quantum Overdrive 2: Depths of Infinity. It's just a demo but he will publish the full game soon. The level got picked as the LoTD but for some reason everyone seems to hate it. People are complaining about bugs and stuff. I have tested it multiple times but didnt find a single bug. Me or Robo_Ranger dont have Lbp3 on ps3 so we cant test it there. Im pretty suree that the console has to be the reason for all the bugs. If someonee could play the level on ps3 and help finding all thr bugs that would be awesome. Also feel free to try it on ps4 and maybe write a review
2017-06-24 12:38:32
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2017-06-24 14:05:06 / Author: BenSmart112

I'd love to help but my PS3 has a power supply issue I'll be sure to play it on PS4!
2017-06-24 14:05:06
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2017-06-24 22:20:53 / Author: mdkd
I can play it on PS3 and PS4. I will report the bugs.
2017-06-24 22:20:53
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2017-07-01 03:43:00 / Author: mdkd
Is there much on screen? Are there many active emitters? How is the logic connected? The PS3 can't handle many active emitters. It starts stuttering. Much on screen kills the framerate too on PS3, the PS4 is better there. The logic should be connected with tag sensors and tags. Long cables kill the framerate too.
2017-07-01 03:43:00
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