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2017-06-22 23:01:05 / Author: waffleking23
Alright, here we are for Round 31!

This week we're looking at

Wooden Perception - Vandz
Underground - ramkibainuzuka
Hawaiian Tribe - greensword989
Sky Valley - gunkgamer1
The Lonely Station - chefman1237

Some pretty neat levels, though that usually tends to be the case. There should be something in the set to catch your interest. Now, since this was put together last week, i can't remember if there are any FF-PiPs in the outro; if there are, this will be the last time we're seeing them (unless it's to show time spent in loading).

Potential Advertising Warning, so...apparently the copyright holders to the song Planetarium really want to grab the pennies, YouTube told me they might be putting ads in the video this week, so i just wanted y'all to have a heads up and let you know i hadn't monetized the series or anything like that.

Behind the scenes time. Next week's episode would've been finished already, if i hadn't had an attack of conscience during editing, and decide to replace one of the levels. That had it's usual complicating effect; got the new intro recorded without too much hassle (turned out a little better in some aspects, to be honest), but when it came to doing the outro, i just couldn't get my head in it, so i ended up getting really frustrated and set it aside. Then i spent the whole day playing Deathstate...which is like the video game equivalent of sitting on the couch all day in your boxers eating Ice Cream from the carton (don't worry, i was wearing actual pants, thank you). i don't know why i'm telling you all this, it's 5am now and my brainmeats are floaty, i guess.

Huh, i was thinking about erasing that, but we'll leave it in. Anyways, hope this week's episode brings you something fun, and that you're all having a great day. As always, thanks kindly for all the support!
2017-06-22 23:01:05
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2017-06-26 23:38:31 / Author: waffleking23
Alrighty then, Tuesday Takeaway time!

Wooden Perception - Vandz
Aside from being pretty dark, and having that one guaranteed death in the first swimming bit, i really dig on this level. There's so much that's been done with really simple tools. The one bounce pad (in the snapshot booth) stands out a bit odd, especially seeing as they've got a similar section with an LBP1-era piston bounce later on. My feelings didn't change too much with this one, but it would've been hard for them to get too much better than they already were.

Underground - Ramkibainuzuka
A lot of little things come together very nicely in this one. The visual environment is well-detailed without being distracting, the sound design is pretty great, the power-up is pleasing to look at and well-used throughout the level. It's a little wonky sometimes when changing layers, but nothing that is going to cause an issue. i do wish it'd been a touch longer, but i can see how the thermo may have been really pushing it by the end. On the other hand, to think of it, the length does make it easier to hop into on a lark, i suppose; since you know it's not going to eat up a huge chunk of your available time.

Hawaiian Tribe - greensword989
KG's got the right of it with the gameplay and design here, i think. i mean it doesn't really do anything wrong per se, but the level never really gels. None of the elements in the level are really built out into something distinctive or cohesive, it's just a bunch of stuff tossed together. At least the materials and decorations fit well together, so it's not completely random; and the level itself isn't unfun, but i'd choose to go back to a fairly large number of levels before i came back to this one.

Sky Valley - gunkgamer1's very pretty, you can't take that away from it; but the choice of hook hat as main "gameplay" element, brings along lots of screen-tear and slow-down. Also, as an aside, if you follow the advice on the screen for the one bit of play presented in that section (the jump on the bendy rail), you'll probably miss hooking on to the next section of rail. Really, it's just better to ignore it, and that rubbed me a little wrong this go around; i really dislike when players are led to die from something that should be trustworthy (unless it's established that the level may be trying to trick you).

The Lonely Station - chefman1237
Chef's gone back and made some changes here, to interesting effect. The music's been changed to something a little more techno-y, and seemed to sync up (probably by chance) with the back and forth or up and down box movements. There's still not a lot of direction as to what the grabable blocks were going to do, but i suppose if you noodle it a bit, you'll get it figured out. There're some score-bubbles that've been put in, and they may help a little bit for direction in one of the areas. It feels like a fairly different level, and it's kind of cool to see advice and feedback implemented (not that i think the changes were purely for my benefit, mind you).

So, that's the that this go around. Even the lesser-loved levels were fun enough to give at least one stab at, which is nice.

In behind the curtains, i didn't get the cameras set up for episode 33, but i think that should be done easily enough today or tonight, which leaves tomorrow for filming and Thursday for outro and editing, so that should be fine enough. i've got an episode of LBsP in the works as well (actually a level i kind of buggered the recording of for this Friday's R15F, shamefully enough). So, yeah, things progress apace.

Thanks a lot for all the support, folks! Have a great day, yeah!
2017-06-26 23:38:31
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