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TUTORIAL: Creating circular motions in 3D space

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2017-06-12 19:44:35 / Author: iluminacos
Basically, this fantastic level called Desert Disaster by Z1091990 popped out in my recommended list, and I was blown away at the smoothness of the moving obstacles and platforms, and I was left wondering for a while how this was done. 

The long explanation can be found in my tutorial level. We go over some pretty complex theories and aspects, but nothing an avid creator with some good math knowledge can't tackle!

The short explanation is that the wave generator, one of the most overlooked additions of LBP3, creates a sinusoidal wave, and when set to positional, we can transform a signal representing an angle into it's Y component. Pretty cool stuff! As for the cosine, the mathematical formula cannot be easily reproduced with logic gates. However, if you've already studied trigonometry, then you already know that the sine and cosine are basically the same function, but one is 90º ahead of the other. So, knowing that a full 100% means a full lap, or 360º, we just add 25% delay to the input and presto! We have our X component. Then we just take one of them and put it into an advanced mover.

The implementation of full pseudo-3D was the biggest feature of LBP3, and it's really exciting when people use it to its full potential. I'm looking forward to this community taking full advantage of this and creating amazing levels. Cheers!
2017-06-12 19:44:35
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2017-06-14 04:20:44 / Author: kubac2000
If I had time, I would be also working at the 3D physics I'm developing myself for my 3D racing game. Yeah, pretty much what you've explained works kinda that way. Mine is actually using way more complex logic than just rotation.

My 3D physics use:

- hitbox renderer - the pistons there are heavily used to precisely set the vertices of the box by X and Y axis and then for each vertice Advanced In/Out Mover to move by Z axis. All of that is being calculated to be moved by the Tag Radars transmitting the whole information about each vertice position.

- an actual object to have those physics - this whole hitbox is rendered by the Tag Sensor at the center of the object. There is also a chip for rotation data that allows to rotate the hitbox within the object.

- a microchip for all the physics and height related calculations - this detects what vertice is touching the ground and at what angle it is so the chip basically gives an information how the object must be rotated.

There are also some other techniques used such as making a whole object move in an opposite direction to the vertice that is touching the ground. That way this engine sort of simulate the rolling on the ground.
2017-06-14 04:20:44
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2017-06-14 13:51:54 / Author: mdkd
The fps levels in LBP were always interesting. I personally don't create in fps because it's so complex and buggy at some points. I create in TopDown and in the normal 2.5D. Although I really like what some creators did with the logic.
2017-06-14 13:51:54
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