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2017-06-08 22:57:32 / Author: waffleking23
Alright, new episode is up and piping hot!

This week we're taking a look at

The Wood Palace V - will26571
Forest of the Ruins - VeryCoolMe
Heavenly Gardens - Ambrosia_Semele
Water Rise & Water Logged - AGACY
Galactic Scarcity - CookieDelivery

Ahh...issues, issues. First up the episode's been dinged for Copyright thanks to a couple of songs used by creators...which come to think of it probably means next week's will be too. If any of you can't see it, let me know, yeah? i'm not sure exactly what i can do about it though.

The second thing is...Forest of Ruins. Now, i can't fault Ninpy for seeing an issue and bringing it to folks' attention, but it did kinda suck the air out of the room during the Outro. Hopefully that's not so noticeable, or maybe i'm just over focusing, but i'm not entirely sure i'm happy with how i handled it.

Third, errata: i once again manage to screw up Chronos' name. Sorry Chronos, i swear to entropy i'll get it locked in my head eventually. Also, the first time i got through Galactic Scarcity, and got bounced to the jukebox, i'd assumed the music was CookieDelivery's, and that mistake stayed strongly enough in my mind, that i didn't catch it until post-production. The music's actually from Nerd_Dog38. Sorry about that, Dog.

Those aside, i really had fun with this week's episode. The levels were all enjoyable, and everything seemed to come together smoothly. All of them deserve a playthrough. week's level is done up to PiP'ing, so that should be quick(ish), and we've started the set up for the week after. i'm really hoping to buy myself a little extra time, but i think it should work out this time.

As always, thank you all so much. i'm glad to know i'm bringing some enjoyment, and hopefully new levels to all of you. Have a great day, now, yeah?
2017-06-08 22:57:32
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2017-06-10 22:20:14 / Author: waffleking23
So something that came up over on LittleBigNetwork was the layout of the PiPs, and why i was going with Side-by-side. To my mind, SbS provides the largest PiP image, while still keeping me on the screen; but the question is valid, so i figured i'd put up some pictures of the available options, and see how everyone felt.

Side-by-Side: Provides the largest Pip of the available options. The background image is an "outtake" from the week's episode.
Corner: Can be set in any of the corners. "Background" is track one of the recorded footage.
Offset: Background is the outtake image seen in Side by Side, though PiP is smaller.
Swivel: PiP is slightly larger than with Corner or Offset. No option to add a background image.

There's also a full-screen Center option that basically replaces the Track 1 footage, though a little smaller with a black border.

Thinking about it now, Center may be the best one to be using. It gives the largest image (obviously), at the cost of not being able to see the hub. Really, what i'd like best would be to be able to reverse the images and use Corner, but that doesn't seem to be an option (not without making the PiP Track 1, which i could do, but it would add in an lot more leg work, and adding more moving parts increases the possibility of something going sideways).

About the Background images with Side-by-side and Offset. Because of the way Offset is laid out, it feels too busy to me. Something that occurred to me was, instead of using Hub outtakes, either a scene from somewhere else, or maybe the Title Card without the Episode Name/Number. Basically i'm looking for something that will keep the details of the PiP clear to the viewer (especially if they're not watching on a TV), while preferably leaving the Hub on the screen. Though, as i said above, since i'm not really doing anything but standing in front of the boards, taking the Hub off and going with Center might be what i should be going with.

Let me know your thoughts. We've got 21 episodes left, so there's still time to improve things.

Thanks as always, and have a great day!
2017-06-10 22:20:14
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2017-06-11 09:25:05 / Author: mdkd
I think it's good enough! I appreciate your work!
2017-06-11 09:25:05
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2017-06-13 07:19:57 / Author: waffleking23
Thanks alot, mdkd! i've been happy with things, too; but there's always something to improve.

Wub wub, it's the Tuesday Takeaway!

The Wood Palace V - will26571
Still a fun and enjoyable level, but a third runthrough starts to rub the shine off a bit. It's not will26571's fault, really. One issue i find with levels so focused on puzzles/mechanical interaction is once you know what you're supposed to be doing, you can usually go through them like a hot knife through butter. Platformers or other action-y types can have an easier time maintaining a challenge, because timing and position come into play more. A little hybridization can give the level a little more legs.

Forest of the Ruins - VeryCoolMe
Outside the 2D-to-3D moving bits, i'm still not seeing much carryover from Toggle and the Ninjas. The environmental design is much more abstract and stylized for one. This is good and bad, really. The more artificial bits, like the hanging purple rectangles, and the oversized, exposed logic, accented the more natural decorations quite well. On the other hand the long slabs of bright green whatever that you're running on are pretty ugly.

Heavenly Gardens - Ambrosia_Semele
Knowing about the double-jump from the beginning makes all the early jumps so much easier. The level itself is very slight; there are only two areas you'll really visit. On the other hand, it's such a delight to look at i didn't end up minding that much. Having everything(?) loaded in up front helps too; like i said in the episode, Redwalker6's levels are amazing to wander through, but i spent something like 25minutes hung on loading screens when i was picking up extra footage this time.

Water Rise & Water Logged - AGACY
Nothing much changed here, it's still fun, straight forward, and short; and i still haven't managed to beat Water Rise. i really like the tightness of the platforming, and i imagine it was easier to keep it consistent over such a tiny area. It's probably not fair to ding the level for not having some a feature that came out later, but on the other hand, it does effect the reaction to it. i mean, maybe the Model T was an engineering wonder for its day, but i probably feel a lot different driving one compared to something more modern.

Galactic Scarcity - CookieDelivery
Nothing much different here. It's still a lot of fun, and chock-full of semi-random weirdness. i did have a lot more trouble with one of the hazards this time, but i think that was on me (the bit where you need to pass through the two green lightning bolts, i just could not get the timing right this go). i'm pretty sure this one's my favourite of the lot this week.

So, that's the that this week. Some stand-out good, and nothing really stand-out bad. Next episode's to ship, and i finished up filming the Intro, Title & End cards, and primary level footage for the 23's. With luck i'll be able to get everything else done tomorrow, which will leave me with a completely free Thursday for the first time in i don't even remember. i think i'll use some of it to put together a few episodes of the side-series (LittleBite-sizedPlanet!), and then get the heck out of the house. Weather's way too nice, and i'm way too pasty recently.

As always, thanks all of you! i hope you have a fine day!
2017-06-13 07:19:57
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