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Level: The Lonely Station

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2017-06-08 21:13:05 / Author: Chariot_Rider
Hello LBP forum

I have recently gone through one of my old levels and livened it up a bit.  Before everything was literally cardboard.  Yup that's the only material I used.  No stickers or decorations to be heard of, so I got to work reskining the level to be a bit more interesting, now it has a fairly generic space station theme but I am happy with it and I hope you are too.
2017-06-08 21:13:05
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2017-06-09 07:56:59 / Author: mdkd
Hello, it's on my list, thx for sharing.
2017-06-09 07:56:59
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2017-06-11 01:42:27 / Author: Biorogue
in mah queue it goes
2017-06-11 01:42:27
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2017-06-11 12:55:57 / Author: CuriousSack
Hi Chariot_Rider,

welcome to the forums, fine to meet you! Space station theme is sounding interestingly to me cause I still have an unfinished project on my moon with the title "Space Station Solar One". I'm curious about your version of a space station level.

Many greetings, Jürgen^^
2017-06-11 12:55:57
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2017-06-17 01:52:04 / Author: Chariot_Rider
Thanks for playing my level. Any feedback helps so if you have any don't be shy. I have updated the level making one of the harder puzzles a bit easier to pull off.
2017-06-17 01:52:04
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