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2017-05-25 23:03:22 / Author: waffleking23
Okee dokee, new episode is up and ready over here.

This week we're looking at:

Simplicity - ronnie89000
Floaty Forest - 02Crazyness
Proxima B3 - ONOR67
The Abandoned Swamp - aroseofthecrown
Return to canyons - AfonsoAmoraes

Man...woulda been nice if Sumo coulda held off a few days before grabbing The Abandoned Swamp for the Daily Pick...

Anyways... It's a fun set of levels here, no real clunkers in the bunch, so that's nice. If i seem a bit flustered, and the intro seems a little less active than usual, it's because i screwed something up and basically had to redo all the dialogue at almost the very last minute. Wasn't enough time to do the usual full work up, so... Also had to record a new level for the episode, and by necessity redo the outro as well. If i wasn't in panic mode, i was pretty close to it.  i did include the intro as originally recorded as a bonus at the very end.

That does mean we got to take out a level that really wasn't very good, and we wound up with one that was a lot more interesting, so these things kind of work out sometimes.

Hope y'all are well and enjoying life. As always, thanks for all the support!
2017-05-25 23:03:22
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2017-05-28 20:47:24 / Author: Sandro8708
Thx for sharing as always. I'll try to play them when I find the time
2017-05-28 20:47:24
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2017-05-29 22:43:40 / Author: waffleking23
Thanks Sandro! Hope you find something you like.

Bippity boppity boo, time for the Tuesday Takeaway.

Simplicity - Ronnie89000

i really ended up appreciating this one more the third time through; which is saying something, as i was digging it pretty well the first two times. It's a really solid example of gameplay over presentation. It is possible to get a decent pace through the level, though you've got to be fairly confident in your jumps, which i tend not to be. The level could've probably been extended just a touch, it is fairly short (in fact it ends just a touch past where we saw in the video). Ronnie goes through the trouble of setting up the teleport blocks, and then they only get used twice, which is a bit of a shame.

Floaty Forest - 02Crazyness

The concept here is pretty keen, and i would love to run into more levels that put the Poppit Cursor power-up through its paces. Each time it comes up it's like, "yeah, you can do that too." i imagine making a level around it can be pretty tough, since you have to think of all the ways the player could break the level with it. It clicked this time what i really didn't like about the level, though. The playing field is generally too deep for what's going on in the level. There's no reason to have an area 6layers deep if you're not going to be doing anything with it. All it ends up doing is making things look and feel empty.

Proxima B3 - ONOR67

i think this one was pretty well covered in the episode, and my feelings didn't change much this go around. Even having been through the level i think...five times by now, i still found the spider beasts to be fairly creepy. Two things that stood out this go around: The first time the gravity spiders show up, it's done in a way that you can't die from falling; the player can figure out the concept of them, without having to deal with one of the possible fatal outcomes of the scenario. This is a really good way to scaffold your obstacles. The second thing that came up, having said that, i ended up screwing up the first area where the grav-spi pulls you across the lava, yeah? Well, ONOR67 actually had the forethought to have the spider respawn (i'd killed it), so getting killed in that area doesn't break the level. This is something more creators could do to remember: make sure that traps, obstacles, and progress points will reset upon player death. Either that, or set a triggered CP past the area; that way an accidental screw-up won't force the player to have to reload the level.

The Abandoned Swamp - aroseofthecrown

So, i just checked my video, and when we recorded, the level had just 96plays. Playing this morning and it was up to over 3000. Holy crap. Still, it deserves it, 'cause it remains a great, chill, level. i think it may need to be played with headphones. This may be my ears, but the music and sound design didn't come through to me this morning. i really just all around enjoyed this one, though i'm still pretty confused by that arrow right off the bat. It seems to have no purpose than to trick the player into killing themselves.

Return to canyons - AfonsoAmoraes

This one was another that didn't change much one way or the other on the...i think this was the fifth time through as well. It is solid and fun. The Boost Boots are actually well used. It still feels like it lacks the pacing and point bubble distribution to feel like a "real" racer, but it's a fun minute and a half regardless.

So that's the that for this week. No major changes in feelings, but that's fine; it's still a solid set of levels. It might be because i've been playing many of the levels more than twice before recording the outro. Once i've got the extra footage recording down, i may be able to just go through twice like i was doing before. It's not a huge issue, as long as the level's not too long, a third or fourth go around doesn't really add too much time to the process, and is usually pretty fun.

As far as upcoming recording, this week's set is finished, and we're just doing the camera set-up and incidentals before we can get down to the levels. This is a touch slower than i'd like to be, but then on the upside, the set for the week after is done, and we've been getting the dialogue for that put in, so we're kind of behind and ahead at the same time.

As always, thanks to all of you for all the support! Hope life is treating you well!
2017-05-29 22:43:40
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2017-05-30 08:53:55 / Author: TROOK
Play my lvl survival
2017-05-30 08:53:55
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