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2017-05-18 23:03:00 / Author: waffleking23
Okee dokee, New episodes on tap! Regular is here. Premium is over here.

We're taking a look at

Frozen Gear - lukas3tri
Colorful fun run - Baby-Luigi123
The Township of Malgamor - TheAliklumKnight
Desert Temple - GuiSly
Corrosive Caverns 3 - loopy1200

Had a lot of fun with these levels. Baby-Luigi123's, in particular, was a hoot to play. Putting things together in general went smoothly as well, which was unexpected and appreciated. This will be the last week we'll be using Cutaways in the wrap-up. i've kinda sorta got my head wrapped around PIP. At least i get how to make it work, if not quite yet how to make it look good.

About the Bonus episode... i don't know. On one hand, i'm glad i made it; on the other, i wonder if it wouldn't have been better broken into more focused pieces. i don't know what the issue was, but my brain was pretty clearly going a bit sideways by the end (all told, with retakes, it took about 8hrs of recording).
Minor errors to point out: whenever i say anything about my making a "level," please substitute "episode" (except when i'm actually talking about making a level). When i get to make my posts early (which is not every week), they're saved in Note, not Word...i don't even have Word.

The bit about having scheduled publishing on YouTube isn't a mistake, i did have it for about two weeks, then suddenly the feature got taken off my account without notice yesterday. It kinda sucks on account of it being really helpful. i contacted them about it, but i doubt anything will come of it.

Anyhow, this has been a pretty great experience putting these together these last six months. All of this is thanks to all of you, and i'm so glad the show has found a home in the community. i wish all of you the best of days, and look forward to the next 6months of 15minutes Fresh!
2017-05-18 23:03:00
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2017-05-19 07:00:27 / Author: Sandro8708
I'll check em out later. Thx for sharing
2017-05-19 07:00:27
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2017-05-22 22:12:55 / Author: waffleking23
Thanks to you! Hope you find something you enjoy!

Beedie beedie, Tuesday Takeaway!

Frozen Gear - lukas3tri
Was able to appreciate this one a little more on the third go. It really is a chill, simple platformer, and the music sells it pretty well. i hadn't known about the Wormhole issues, so maybe lukas3tri hadn't realized it wouldn't auto-trigger, or wouldn't display a prompt; and when playtesting, their brain just glossed it over ('cause they knew what to do there). There are some cool design elements on hand (there's a really cool looking city silhouette we can see at the end of the video), but the gross design is just too flat and undifferentiated, especially with the camera pulled back as it tends to be. i wish i'd recorded some of the later mechanical bits to show during the outro, they're simple, but effective and neat.

Colorful Fun Run - Baby-Luigi123
Didn't shift too much here, which is good, because i had a lot of fun with it the first two times. For something that is so simple on the surface, it's surprisingly fun, even on replay. i could see some complaints during the low-grav sections, because it can be pretty tough to see where you are; but if you hit that section with momentum, you'll be past it before you notice. i was actually playing for points this time around, which is something i don't tend to do, so there's a point in favour as well. Ended up snagging 2nd place.

The Township of Malgamor - TheAliklumKnight
i was really on the fence here when i was doing the episode, and...i don't know, i could see a good case for this having been a red triangle. The level is beautiful in its architecture, but there is just too little going on, and the lack of decoration/animation, makes the level feel very empty. Kind of like wandering through a museum display. This is an issue, because unless you're getting jumps perfectly on the first go, there'll be a lot of backtracking. Still, at least on an intellectual level, i can appreciate the work needed to put the level together, and it is certainly coherent as an environment, if not particularly active.

Desert Temple - GuiSly
Well, GuiSly does warn us this is a mini-level, and it's very mini. It's such a shame, because what we see is extremely nice. There's a good mix of platforming elements, the environment is cohesive, with a solid choice of materials and decos. It's even got incidental, environmental movement for a sense of place and activity (those collapsing pillars in the back layer, were tres cool). i wish Gui could've given us more, but at least we got what we did. When i get the secondary series going, i'm going to have to look at some of their other stuff.

Corrosive Caverns 3 - loopy1200
Another one where my feelings going were basically the same coming out. This is a solid, effective, well-designed simple platformer. It doesn't try to be anything more, and plays well to its strengths. It was nice to see a return of LBP-era enemies. The only quibble i really had was linguistic. By no standard is lava corrosive. i don't know if an acid looking material would've been a good fit for the look of the level, but still. Judging by their Earth, loopy has a thing for CC in their naming conventions. Maybe Calderic Caverns would've been better? Though a caldera would imply a different overall look...maybe there's no winning here.

So that's it for this week! We're in the midst of recording for the upcoming, and that's progressing smoothly. Thanks for all the support everyone, and have a great day!
2017-05-22 22:12:55
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