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2017-03-23 22:45:18 / Author: waffleking23
Heyas and good morning, all!

This week's episode is piping hot over here

This time around we're taking a look at

Nocturne - t567y-
Levitation - XREMILIO7
Cavern of Wonder - perfectnothing00
Garden Valley - TwisterKiller70
Big Mysterious Factory World - Volna-Grafka

Definitely an...eclectic set this go around, but definitely fun to be had. We're up a little early this week, because i'm actually putting finishing touches on next week's episode. i know, shocking, right? i may for once actually have a little backlog buffer to work with.

As always, thanks for all the support and feedback. i wouldn't be doing this if it weren't for all of you! Hope you have a great morning!
2017-03-23 22:45:18
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2017-03-28 07:22:14 / Author: waffleking23
Man, this week has been so weird.

Anyway, beep beep boop, the Tuesday Takeaway!

Nocture - t567-
Looking back, i feel a little on the fence with my rating for this one. Really, it would be better applied to the following level in the series. Looking at Nocturne in isolation, it does an extremely good job of walking the player through the new mechanic, presenting a nice scaling of difficulty on the obstacles; it's just that the difficulty spikes pretty hard almost right out of the gate in the next one, and that coloured my perception some. i do think if you get used to it quick enough, you'll have a good time here.
On the other hand, the presentation is a bit muffed. The background was nice, if simple, but deadly gas was a bit of an odd stand in for rock. The locked side camera made it seem like t567y was looking to evoke an old-school 2d feel, but in that case, it probably would've been better to make things even more heavily stylized. The dead zone effect for the areas Stella couldn't enter were kind of cool, though.

Levitation - XREMILIO7
i think i will always have a soft spot for well-done, fling-you-around-like-a-rag-doll-style levels, and this one is a great example of the breed. Nicely presented as far as materials and (very limited) decos, enough to give a sense of theme, not so much as to distract or cause heavy lag.
Interestingly, Emilio dropped a comment on the video, saying it'd originally been done in LBP2, but the transfer to 3broke it somehow. i'm not sure he did a full rework, or just repairs. i mention this because i finally got around to playing Kaleida's Maze, which is still LBP2, and seems slightly wonky in 3. It definitely didn't run as smoothly i remember Riki's levels usually having done.

Cavern of Wonder - perfectnothing00
You certainly could do worse for a level than this one. Some time has clearly gone into making a cohesive environment, even if i don't think it was perfectly nailed. The inclusion of those line-drawn fish was charming, and i really think the crystal hazards were a good choice. One thing about that section, though. i'm not sure if it wad intended or not, but those platforms will tilt if you jump on them wrong. It felt a little weird. Also, the electricity creeping up the boulders you ride up on seems like it could have been done more smoothly. It's so clearly sectioned. Maybe adding a few more panels, overlapping them, and having the sequencer trigger more than one at a time could have sold the illusion a little better. i almost feel like kitting something up myself to see.

Garden Valley - TwisterKiller70
This one's pretty well covered already, and a second playthrough didn't change my feelings much. Even though the environment was heavily decorated, and had a strong sense of place, pulling the camera closer to the player would've definitely helped the gameplay. Your sackthing can get lost kind of easily. Also, why x and triangle? That was a right pain to trigger when i needed. Still, it was nice the effort was made to spice up gameplay, and i do think this one was pretty fun. Oh, one thing, a secrets counter at the end would've been nice. i thought i was being thourough, but i can't escape the feeling i'd missed an egg or two.

Big Mysterious Factory World - volna-grafka
i stand by my assertion that this one is, in the main, ugly and unfun. There was one stand-out bit we didn't see in the video; before the end there's a bit where you're being chased by these electrified sackbots. It's quite creepy, they're...centurion-like. Still, it's too little pay off for the effort. On the other hand, v-g continued creating, and, as suggested, i checked out their most recent level (prior to the Jserver shut down). i think it's called Boltnut Industries? There is a night and day difference. Boltnut has a very well-realized factory environment, 3d movement similar to that Clockwork episode we looked at last week(?), actual puzzles & gameplay. It was too difficult for me to finish, i had the same difficulties judging jumps, but it's still an excellent level worth a good look at.

So...that's the that. Like i said previously, i got the next episode finished Friday, so i've had a little extra time setting up things for this week, and for the future. Almost done with Isaac daily recordings as well, so that'll free up some extra time/headspace. With luck, i should be able to keep up a week's buffer. i might even put together a level, i've already startedtoying atound with a few elements. i make no promises, it's just a possibility.

One last thing. i'm wondering if there's not some Jungian ur-consciousness among LBPers recently. i've seen levels i'll be showing next Friday's episode pop up on friend's recent activities feed. LSRS has shown levels i've recorded right before i put my episode out. It's not some big deal or anything, it's more of a "get out of my brain or pay rent." So weird (note, i don't do emoji, so understand i'm smiling here).

Thanks for everything, folks! Got to get back to the working soon, so i'm off. Have a great day!
2017-03-28 07:22:14
Posts: 342
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