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2017-03-15 00:32:46 / Author: mdkd
Hello LBF members,

In Twitter I read about the 1.25 update for LBP3. They'll replace a old section with new tags like '1st person', 'Defence', 'Pinball' and more. Maybe there are some bug fixes too. 

Here's the link to the article with the update details:

If I am right, the update 1.25 will lunch this friday (17th of march).

What do you think about it?
2017-03-15 00:32:46
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2017-03-15 21:49:40 / Author: DeKa1357
Thanks for posting!

Looks like this update is going to be great.
2017-03-15 21:49:40
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2017-03-17 09:24:15 / Author: waffleking23
Taking a bit of a spin through it today, and it seems nice enough. The genre categories are pretty granular, and left me a little surprised they hadn't been implemented until now.

Don't know what bugs they went and fixed. The progress bug seems to still be a thing, or at least i'm still locked out of my Adventure progress. Dunno if i play through again if it'll unlock and stay that way or not.
2017-03-17 09:24:15
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2017-03-17 13:33:17 / Author: CuriousSack
The genres for sure are an improvement...though one genre is definitely missing...

"Music Galleries"

Why is there no genre Music Galleries?????
Does nobody think that we musicians are worth to get our own genre???...a place for all composers around...a haven...a sanctuary...a home...  *sigh*

2017-03-17 13:33:17
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2017-03-17 16:15:41 / Author: waffleking23

Yeah, that is pretty bunk. Wonder how difficult it would be for them to add one in?
2017-03-17 16:15:41
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2017-03-17 16:33:40 / Author: Ostler5000

Like I said on LBPC - There's the 'Gallery' tag.

A Music Gallery tag would be the most specific tag there is. I don't see why music galleries can't share a category with the likes of costume galleries and whatever else.
2017-03-17 16:33:40
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2017-03-17 22:29:49 / Author: moterhead1976
New update? neat! Hope they've fixed the story mode glitch where it makes you go on prologue to select other chapters
2017-03-17 22:29:49
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2017-03-18 12:32:26 / Author: Sound Friction
Only 3 years too late

And it'll probably bring another batch of bugs that get no fix however, just like the previous ones.
There's still a lot of stuff that's just plain broken, that has been pointed out multiple times.
2017-03-18 12:32:26
Sound Friction
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2017-03-18 14:46:17 / Author: SpongeFan257
I'm kind of liking what the update's done, thus far!
2017-03-18 14:46:17
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2017-03-18 14:57:41 / Author: mdkd
Well, it's normal that bugs come in. Hopefully Sumo Digital will fix a few in the next update.

But I like the update. What Jürgen means is, that many hubs are shown, but less music gallerys in the gallery section. I have to check that out today.
2017-03-18 14:57:41
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2017-04-17 05:01:39 / Author: Hammer950
Is anyone else annoyed that the "yay" option is gone now? I felt like it was a chunk of the game, same way with the "boo" button being removed by media molecule, everyone flipped their lids over that in LBP2 because then people would resort to insulting the level in a nasty way instead of leaving a "boo". I don't understand why they had to get rid of the "yay" button too.
2017-04-17 05:01:39
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2017-04-17 11:49:44 / Author: mdkd
You can give a yay when you create a review. Less people do that.

I personally miss the rating system of LBP1. Buuut we have to deal with it.
2017-04-17 11:49:44
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2017-04-17 12:18:40 / Author: DeKa1357
The star system from LBP1 was great.
2017-04-17 12:18:40
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