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2017-02-16 22:50:32 / Author: waffleking23
This week's episode ought to be up over here

We're taking a look at

Tropical Breeze - Sniperkiller911
Popit Doodles - PGryan10
Boolean Blueprints - shamanate
Gardens of Japan3 - theduchessjr
Professor Snootington's... - SuperKing_001

Not a bad set of levels in the main, though i'll hold off anything more in depth for the moment. Tried a few new things w/r/t recording, some of which i'll probably keep. i ended up needing to re-record the intro/outro a few times, which was not superfun, but pushed me to set up a second track of dialogue so i wouldn't have to wait the middle fifteen minutes every time. i might refine that a little more; while i do like having a bit of dead space to think about what i want to say, saving time is nothing to turn my nose up at, since i try to record before leaving for work. Not sure how i feel about using sequencers for the dialogue. On the one hand, it made for fewer button inputs for the dialogue; on the other it really didn't make for smooth camera work the way i'd expected. Maybe because i was using game cameras, not movie cameras (but with movie cameras, you're stuck with letterboxing, right?).

Anyway, fun to play, interesting to record; been at this for a quarter of a year, and am still having a good time with it. That's largely up to y'all. i appreciate the support and feedback, and hope you're enjoying it as much as i've been.

Thanks as always, and have a great day!
2017-02-16 22:50:32
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2017-02-23 03:52:31 / Author: ramkibainu
choose not disable controller in movie cameras they will look full screen, not letterbox.
2017-02-23 03:52:31
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2017-02-23 23:27:31 / Author: waffleking23

Ah! Thanks kindly for the heads up!
2017-02-23 23:27:31
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