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How would you make a LBP3 styled level/hub?

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2017-02-16 01:12:03 / Author: cheadlestudio

I had this big idea for a project that would take a very long time. And I'm trying to make a Hub for this, and one thing I always wonder is... What is essential to making a design for a hub level that is in the style of most LBP3 Story Levels. (Or Hubs..) I always thought the LBP3 Story levels were very detailed and interesting, but I just cant capture the design and ideas that are put into those levels. So I decided to ask some advice right here. Now, I have gone back to the Hubs in story mode and kind of gotten an idea of what there doing.

1. The use of only 1-3 layers for your player in a level, because you can use the background or foreground to put some scenery.

2. The Use of lots of decorations and stickers to liven up your level to make it more appealing.

3. Using Layer Launchers, Bounce Pads, or any other type of transportation is needed to make your level not so boring.

4. Using a variety of different materials (and or objects), to make your level not so bad. (Note, using multiple materials to make a repeating pattern in your levels is also a good idea)

Please give some tips on what I should keep in mind. Thank you.
2017-02-16 01:12:03
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2017-02-17 17:42:41 / Author: leftstickrightstick
I think this would depend on your aim of the hub. Is your main aim to just get the players to the other levels or do you want them to hang out and enjoy being in the hub?
If the later, then I would say to make sure not all the level links are too close together, give players enough time to enjoy travelling between links. I would this is more important that point 3. (using layer launchers, / type of transportation) Because if the this element just gets you straight to the next level link, it comes off as very pointless.

Also I think you should make sure you stick to a theme for both the level links as well as the hub itself. Make the levels fit in with the hub or vice versa.
2017-02-17 17:42:41
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2017-02-18 05:41:39 / Author: Psmerga
I think the media molecule team choose those therms to save thermo or stay true to the main principle that lbp is a left right jump and run game.
But you dont really need to stick to some rules.
Trust to your creativity and let it loose.
You could also use 3D logic if you see it fit.
The simplest and perhaps best solution would be from khodex.
In the end, the most important thing would be the fun.
2017-02-18 05:41:39
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2017-02-18 15:42:44 / Author: mdkd
You said it in your own post, Cheadlestudios. Some materials combined with a good design and gameplay is important for a level hub.
2017-02-18 15:42:44
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