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Battle of the Seaside Cavern— Gameplay!

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2017-02-11 22:49:28 / Author: heatmiser007
Hey wonderful sacks! 

I'm here for a brief post. I am simply here to share a video gameplay of my newest level, Battle of the Seaside Cavern: An Ocean Conservation Level. Please use the link below to bring you to the video. (I have a YouTube channel, but I'm not quite ready to use it.) I do apologize for the camera being slightly to the side. Please note the music in the video is NOT the level soundtrack, but music simply put instead of the sounds from the video. If you want to hear the level's sound effects and songs I of course encourage you to play it.


Level Name: Battle of the Seaside Cavern: An Ocean Conservation Level

Side Notes: As the title of the level suggests, this level was made to raise awareness about ocean conservation. A huge amount of litter is dumped in the ocean every day, and it of course has a negative impact on plants, fish, humans, other creatures, and the environment in general. You will notice as the level goes on, fish in the water below me die and the palm trees wither as the litter takes its toll. This level was made for all to enjoy, but it also has a message. 

PSN: heatmiser007
2017-02-11 22:49:28
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2017-02-17 17:51:15 / Author: leftstickrightstick
Queued this up =) nice to see you are trying to help spread a message with your level =)
2017-02-17 17:51:15
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2017-02-19 07:27:20 / Author: mdkd
I'll play it soon.
2017-02-19 07:27:20
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2017-02-21 00:24:41 / Author: MixByte
I like the idea, here a tip that will make the level little better. Every time the water rises, the boat go up, and every time the water go down, the boat goes down too. This is just for looks, but anyways I'm going to queue it.
2017-02-21 00:24:41
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2017-05-28 13:40:56 / Author: heatmiser007
While it has taken me a while to read these comments, please know I am extremely grateful for the feedback!
2017-05-28 13:40:56
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2017-05-28 20:19:15 / Author: mdkd
It's sad to see, that your level has 0 hearts. :/
2017-05-28 20:19:15
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2017-05-28 20:44:14 / Author: Sandro8708
Dont forget your lvl link. Here you go:

Its queued, thx for sharing
2017-05-28 20:44:14
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