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Battle of the Seaside Cavern: An Ocean Conservation Level

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2017-02-05 19:25:53 / Author: heatmiser007
Hey Sack folks! 

INTRO: I'm back with another level, and this one I feel has a chance to be a pick! Normally, I doubt a level being picked, but this one I think there is a chance. Unfortunately, only one good sack played it when it came out. 

So I thought I would do an ad here. 

THE BITS AND BOBS: This level kicks off with a nice menu right on the beach with a cavern in the distance. Once you hit "play" you are teleported to another screen, a how-to menu. 

The premise of the level is to raise awareness about the effect of litter on the ocean, so it's a fun level to play but also has a deeper meaning. There are two types of bottles that you have to fight— one has two lives, the other has one. There are also powerups. Yellow gives you 100 points, and red turns green when activated and destroys all litter in the vicinity. 

So, once you advance from the how-to menu, the game begins. 

You are hooked up to a classic, powerful, water cannon on top of a ship! Around you is a beautiful cavern filled with two beaches on each side, palm trees, waterfalls, and crystals. There are even fish swimming around in the water below your ship. You can play multiplayer, too! There are 3 other cannons attached to the ship if your sack friends want to join in. 

But then a shadow falls across... and it starts raining litter! Bottles fall from the sky. Using your water cannon, destroy the litter before it reaches the water, otherwise your environment will start to wither— palm trees will brown, the fish will die, and the water will go murky and even yellow after a while.

The level gets harder as it goes on, so hang on for as long as possible!

Level Name: Battle of the Seaside Cavern: An Ocean Conservation Level

Creator: heatmiser007
2017-02-05 19:25:53
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