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2016-12-29 09:46:49 / Author: ropen
Soon, I will publish a level called Heroes of Bunkum (an alpha version). It is multiplayer online (only!) game in which players can separate without dying. Each player controls one of eight playable characters and have to fight each other to earn points. Two players can't play the same character. When player loses, he/she respawns and chooses new hero to play as. Each hero has his/her own unique stats and abilities and name. All characters have ability called Super Attack. To unleash it, you have to hold triangle button until the yellow bar fills itself (4 secs). Then the hero uses a powerful attack. Characters:

1. Lyck
Appearance: white werewolf
HP: 20
Speed: High (130%)
Attacks: Claw strike, Area attack, Super Howl
Colour: white
As a werewolf, Lyck is really fast on his feet (or paws?). He can use his sharp claws to rapidly slash the air, creating some kind of energy blades. These cut through opponents. He's also able to claw around himself when surrounded by enemies. But claws aren't the only weapon of a werewolf, right? Lyck's Super Attack is a powerful soundwave created when the werewolf howls. It is very loud!

2. Archie
Appearance: green-dressed and masked bowslinger.
HP: 18
Speed: Fast (110%)
Attacks: Shot, Arrow rain, Super Bow
Colour: green
Archie is an excellent archer who can fire his arrows rapidly and shower enemies with them. Due to fact that he is light-armored, he's fast but has smaller amount of HP. This character's Super Attack is ability to unleash two giant glowing blue arrows which pierce enemies. Archie's really a clever and sly fighter.

3. Helmut
Appearance: knight
HP: 25
Speed: Slow (70%)
Attacks: Swipe, BoomShield, Super Spin
Colour: red
Helmut might be a little thick-headed and slow, but he's big, buffy, heavy-armored and ubelievably strong (so he can deal huge damage). His SA is Super Spin, which means he starts spinning around rapidly, slashing everything he can with his sword. This sword's so sharp it leaves reddish glowing cuts in everything, even in the air. Even though he doesn't have shield, he can summon a really big one which explodes into hundreds of hurtful shards flying everywhere. Tip: Make sure your target won't escape when you're performing swipes or SA. 

4. Luno
Appearance: moon-themed wizard
HP: 20
Speed: Normal (100%)
Attacks: moon orb, zapper orb, Super Magic
Colour: blue
Luno is a wise experienced wizard who can shoot blue magic orbs from his moon staff, summon big orb which electrocutes enemies or even giant, spinning star! He's nearly always mad at Solga, because he thinks she pretends to be as superior as he is.

5. Solga
Appearance: sun-themed wizard
HP: 20
Speed: Normal (100%)
Attacks: sun orb, heat orb, Super Magic
Colour: yellow
Solga is a powerful elegant sorceress who can shoot yellow magic orbs from her sun staff, summon big orb which bakes enemies alive or even giant, spinning star! She's nearly always mad at Luno, because she thinks he pretends to be as superior as she is.

6. Marina
Appearance: nymph/dryad
HP: 22
Speed: A little higher than usual (105%)
Attacks: Water whip, Poisonous brambles, Super Vines
Colour: Cyan
Marina, as a nature spirit, is slightly faster and has a higher endurance than normal people and can cast magic. Her nature spells are not healing or aroma of flowers as you might expect... but hurtful water whips, deadly venomous plants, and the SA - ginormous vines extending from ground. That girl is a very strong character to play with! If you choose somebody else, expect that you might step into some thorny traps...

7. Pyrey
Appearance: steampunk mechanic with a flamethrower  
HP: 19
Speed: Slightly bigger... (102%)
Attacks: Fire projectile, Turret, Super Wildfire
Colour: orange
That young lady never stops laughing! She loves pranks - especially ones involving shooting someone's butt with fireball, planting turrets in toilet, and setting someone's house on fire... Yes, she's mechanics and fire maniac! She's cute anyways... But her fire projectiles sting like swarm of angry bees, and her SA is just huge flame she dances with. She is also able to plant up to 3 turrets. Maybe they shoot at their creator too, but fortunately they can't harm Pyrey. 

8. Kimiko
Appearance: female ninja
HP: 15
Speed: Fast (120%), Incredibly fast (150%) when using SA
Attacks: Ninja stars, Karate hit, Super Speed
Colour: purple
That's one little ninja you should not mess with! Maybe she has really low HP, but she's fast, and her SA is about being fast as lighting and zooming through the opponents whooping their butts! She also posseses pretty deadly collection of razor-sharp shuriken and ability to hit enemies rapidly with painful karate chops. Better use ranged character against Kimiko.

These are all characters. As you can see, it is fair - 4 males, 4 females

Left stick - walk
X - jump
R1 - grab
L2, R2 - attacks 1left, 1right
L1 - attack 2
Triangle - SA (hold until bar fills, if you stop holding it'll reset)
I have already finished characters, now I only have to create the level. Expect alpha version soon!   i hope you will like it! Share your thoughts!
2016-12-29 09:46:49
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2016-12-30 03:26:37 / Author: superjac2009
Sounds great
2016-12-30 03:26:37
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2016-12-30 09:08:08 / Author: ropen


I'm currently creating the level, but i still have little problems about transporting characters to the main area 
2016-12-30 09:08:08
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2016-12-30 11:00:32 / Author: superjac2009
Don't worry (be happy (8)), surely you will find a solution to the problem!
2016-12-30 11:00:32
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2016-12-30 21:43:02 / Author: ropen
I found solution, and i finished the level! Published it today's afternoon
Don't forget to try it out with friend or two
2016-12-30 21:43:02
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2017-01-06 13:56:38 / Author: Sandro8708
Post a link
2017-01-06 13:56:38
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2017-01-08 13:23:59 / Author: ropen

My PSN nick is semy666 (i am neither satanist or heavy metallist so don't worry) and the exact name of level is Heroes of Bunkum (MULTIPLAYER ONLINE v. Alpha) link:

I also made a tutorial for this level. You have to play it in order to get the level key.
2017-01-08 13:23:59
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