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2016-12-27 17:00:49 / Author: Ostler5000
Hello, Glittery Gladiators! Welcome to the Critter Crush Colosseum!

Score/Survival Challenge VersionĀ 

PvP / Player v Livestream Version

See Trailer

Survive 40 rounds of fluff-hungry bots and compete for a position on the scoreboard, or play the versus version, and fight your friends while controlling the bots yourself.
Alternatively, Livestreamers can take on their audience, by surviving a 3 minute onslaught of bots, as voted on by the audience!

This is the third and most probably final take on this bot-rush idea I'll do. I already did a similar level in both LBP1 and LBP2. But I think this is as far as I could take this concept. Also, I wanted an idea that might lend itself to a Streamer V Stream match, and this seemed like a neat idea.

Let me know how you get on. Testing this level has been difficult due to a quiet community and me only having one PS4 controller.
2016-12-27 17:00:49
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