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Escape from the space dumpster and Ragdol combat popit puzzle edition

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2016-11-23 20:31:51 / Author: Kukalek
2 new levels 

escpae from space dumpster is escape from the sewers styled level but a little bit shorter and with a boss fight
pls rewiev it after playing

Ragdol combat popit puzzle edition
mortal kombat nut i made fighters myself and make them ragdol like

and if you like one of them and yay it leave a heart too pls

oh and i wanted to say that all my escape series are connected with story (yes they have a story)
i can't make a post about it if you want
2016-11-23 20:31:51
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2016-11-23 21:38:38 / Author: FreddyFerrari
I have updated your post with a level signature I think you asked how to do that in another thread. Go to , type in your PSN ID and the choose your level and "create signature". You can choose between different backgrounds etc.

I have queued your level
2016-11-23 21:38:38
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2016-11-23 22:34:27 / Author: Kukalek

thanks and i know that i can get it there but when i paste it in it doesn't work
2016-11-23 22:34:27
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2016-11-23 22:34:40 / Author: Sandro8708
Its queued. Will play tmr
2016-11-23 22:34:40
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2016-11-24 00:54:57 / Author: mdkd
On mobile devices it's a little bit more difficult to do so.

Well, I will play it and your other levels for sure. Now. I will review them and give them a heart, if I like it.

Edit: What the heck?! I typed in your name, your levels name and did not find it. What is going on?! I will try it again.

Okay I have queued it. Played it. Well made. It was fun to play but short.
2016-11-24 00:54:57
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2016-11-24 17:51:48 / Author: Kukalek

w would make longer but i really hate making people wait even if they don't know that I'm making it
2016-11-24 17:51:48
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2016-11-24 20:07:28 / Author: mdkd
I always announce my stuff and bring out trailers on YouTube. It's a way.
2016-11-24 20:07:28
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