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Turbo flip - Neon city, Pac-man attacks!

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2016-09-22 22:39:12 / Author: shaun6072

I just joined so not sure how this works but please could you play my level

Turbo flip - Neon city, Pac-man attacks! and can i please be in the next littlebigforum picks episode, I would be so grateful, it would make my hard work seem worthwhile, thanks,

Turbo flip from trials of the blood dragon hits the city to take on pac-man! easy and fun, colourful and fast, speed up buildings and jump over rooftops, contains enemies and pretty colours, 1 player
2016-09-22 22:39:12
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2016-09-23 20:17:17 / Author: mdkd
Weclome. Introduce yourself at the introduction categorie, if you want to.

Looks interesting. I think I am going to play it really soon.
2016-09-23 20:17:17
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2016-09-25 00:58:39 / Author: Girps
will que!
2016-09-25 00:58:39
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2016-09-25 22:33:47 / Author: Girps
Played the level it was strange, didn't expect to ride a car. It reminds me of the good ol days of lbp1, in a good way. The car controls were solid it wasn't slippery and acceleration of it was neither too much or low. The scenery was good, the use of neon lights, futuristic city texture, and sticker panel complements the car and makes the level feel like Tron. The only criticism is the extreme lag in the first couple of seconds of the level. I 'am not sure whether it's the dynamic thermos, since I never use it, or not it only effected the first part of the level but doesn't downgrade the overall quality of the level.
2016-09-25 22:33:47
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