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final fantasy XV episode zero -stand by me

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2016-08-23 19:20:18 / Author: ramkibainu

Since Final fantasy XV was delayed until November i decided to make a little tribute while, please enjoy
FINAL FANTASY XV episode zero -stand by me

a great war between the kingdoms of Insomnia and Niflheim is coming, King Regis wants to save his land.
play as prince Noctis before he leaves the kingdom of insomnia to marry with his childhood friend Luna Freya

but the Regalia car is broken and you need to find Cindy Aurum at hammerhead repair services, she is the only one that can fix the engine and guide you in your way to Altisya.

(don't talk to Cindy until you complete all the secondary missions or the level will end because find Cindy is the primary quest)

collect magic crystals and battle iron giants...

enjoy a walk through the beautiful gardens and streets of Insomnia

hear a song in the regalia car's radio...

find tifa's cameo on FFXV...

help Iris to feed the chocobos...

and meet Cindy at hammerhead!

hope you enjoy this little journey trough the wonderful kingdom of Insomnia with the beautiful song ''I was born for this'' sequenced by sakuransakuran.

2016-08-23 19:20:18
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