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[Idea] Dark platformer

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2016-08-11 22:04:36 / Author: mdkd

I am working on a level. The idea is starting to get some shape.

You play as Frank. He got lost and now he has to get back to the research centre. It's cold. Dark. Creepy.

Below this sentence you'll see the updates.

update 0.1:
The idea is there.

update 0.2:
It gets shape. More and more.

update 0.3:
Dialogue was recorded. It doesn't sound good. 

update 0.4:
In a few days I will buy a good microphon for my YT videos. It has a 3.5mm headset cable at the end. If the Vita accepts the mic, I can record with a good quality.
2016-08-11 22:04:36
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2016-08-11 22:07:09 / Author: Toastrz
Is it a horror level of a different genera that just has a bit of a spooky theme to it?
2016-08-11 22:07:09
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2016-08-12 02:33:40 / Author: mdkd
Horror is the theme it belongs to. There will be an enemy.
2016-08-12 02:33:40
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2016-08-17 04:26:00 / Author: mdkd

The level is WIP. I am working on it. Now I am done for the first time, but later I'll continue.

Here, a picture of a scene:

Broken glass, cold air and its dark.

The first name of this level is 'Darkness'.

Have some patience and I will share more with you.
2016-08-17 04:26:00
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2016-08-18 10:33:45 / Author: mdkd
ALL updates will be in the first post from now on.
2016-08-18 10:33:45
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2016-10-19 19:54:34 / Author: mdkd
Hey. I don't have ideas. I don't know how to continue this.

That's one of my problems. I start off with something. I like this something. Buf then it becomes ugly and bad. I cannot fix this problem.

The level file is broken too. Thank you LBP! Man, things turn out really bad.

I think I will start off again soon.
2016-10-19 19:54:34
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