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Swing Man! (Physics-based skill game)

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2016-07-24 01:11:45 / Author: BLAHBLAH1000
Hey guys!
Right when I thought I wouldn't publish another level, I managed to squeeze enough inspiration out of my head to pump one out this week. Flip Man (a re-creation of a Japanese Toy) is a physics-based skill game where you swing a gymnast up into the air and attempt to stick the landing. This comes close to being my most challenging level as it requires a lot of patience and accuracy to do every flip. A tenth of a second could mean the difference between a perfect jump and a failure.
After seeing competition in my previous levels for the #1 spot of the leaderboards, I decided to include a heavy scoring system for each jump. You get points for how long you stay airborne, the number of flips you perform, and how well you stick the landing. One thing I want to mention about this system is what the numbers actually mean on the scoreboard. Like many other levels, I could've simply given the player ten points for every good thing done, but then the numbers wouldn't have any value besides their size. Instead, I have point distribution set up as shown:

(*)Every 0.1 second airborne: 1 point
(*)Every flip: 100 points
(*)Every 10% on a landing: 1000 points

This way if you read the score 2310, you can see that the player was in the air for 1 second, did 3 flips, and got a 20 - 29% on the landing. I think that other LBP creators should try to incorporate this kind of scoring system into their mini-games as it adds more depth to the leaderboards.
I hope you guys enjoy this level! Feel free to leave a review while you're there to let me know what you think!


Got a lot of good feedback on forums and twitter. Updated the visuals to an Olympic theme! Before and after:

Edit 3:

One last challenge!
2016-07-24 01:11:45
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2016-07-24 08:11:51 / Author: D4RK_InFamous
Looks fun! I'm about to check it out now.
2016-07-24 08:11:51
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