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2016-07-21 16:28:35 / Author: sackmoose
I recently heard that Sony of Japan is shutting down Japan's LBP servers on July 31st 2016.
As you might know, Japan is full of electronic stuff, like Nintendo, Sony ect. and for the first time ever, LittleBigPlanet gets shut down FOREVER in Japan, which is not fair in my opinion. What did they do? Really, Japan is the most futuristic country I know. Post your thoughts on this thread, cause for me, this is really REALLY not fair and unexpected.
2016-07-21 16:28:35
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2016-07-21 17:27:05 / Author: Toastrz
This has been known for a while and there's already a thread about it.
2016-07-21 17:27:05
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2016-07-21 17:44:33 / Author: sackmoose

Really? Oh bummer. Well, at least people who don't know have a thread to check on in case they don't want to scroll down the entire topic. Thanks for telling me anyway
2016-07-21 17:44:33
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2016-07-31 04:02:16 / Author: dtexs
It's simple really. the LBP franchise isn't popular in Japan, and it costs money to keep those servers running.
Therefore, if nobody is buying LBP, then they can't afford to keep the servers up.
2016-07-31 04:02:16
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2016-08-05 00:46:30 / Author: gurren009
I just wanted to say goodbye to LBP Japan. Now that the servers are gone for japan players, it really sucks. They made such awesome levels
2016-08-05 00:46:30
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2016-11-13 12:44:11 / Author: sackmoose

Yeah. I revisit them every time I play LBP.
I really really wanna say goodbye. Lets hope no servers go down again.
2016-11-13 12:44:11
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