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2016-07-19 00:39:47 / Author: klausicool
Hey guys. 

I've made a video about EpicLBPTime, and I need your opinions on him after watching the video, or even before! 
Pros and cons about his channel, his part in the community, etc.

Thanks for taking your time to write about this discussion! 
2016-07-19 00:39:47
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2016-07-19 11:07:23 / Author: five-ate-five
Well i am not really into ELBPT's content.

But to be honest i would want someone to talk about the level while playing it, Unless it's a tutorial level or create mode (like lbp3 tutorials mnniska and me etc).

Also that fnf video got him like nearly 4.000 dolars lol omg.
2016-07-19 11:07:23
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2016-07-19 13:43:37 / Author: sackboy206
I don't think EpicLBPTime is worth our time to be honest. Personally, I don't like his content. It's not hard to just take other peoples work and make money out of it. It's not right either. Nothing much we can do about it though. Best thing we can do is to just not talk about him.

You're not the first one to discuss him, and you probably won't be the last.
2016-07-19 13:43:37
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2016-07-21 16:21:09 / Author: sackmoose
I like EpicLBPTime, but I don't have the time to listen to you ranting about him.
The same with EpicLBPTime, not much time to watch his vids.
2016-07-21 16:21:09
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2016-07-23 10:13:27 / Author: Blacksackman
There is nothing wrong with the content hes uploading, it's just like any other basic LBP level channel. If I were to have a channel myself I wouldn't bother with commentating the level, I'll leave that to the viewers themselves. Nathan maybe uploads that way because of privacy reasons and we should all respect that then. But as we don't know I don't think it's fair to openly criticize his channel for a silly reasons such as that.

And for the claims that he takes other peoples hard work, do you think a creator would be angry if his levels were uploaded on a popular LBP channel? Nope, he would be happy and filled with joy as his work would been seen by many. Many people actually asks for the level creator and the level name so it's a win-win for both sides. That Nathan gets ad revenue from his channel is just a byproduct from the effort he has put into the whole channel since day one. If you think it's so easy to have a 100.000 subscribed LBP channel then why don't you try it yourself.

It took him time and effort to build up his channel and I think he deserves every penny he gets back from it. You have to see the bigger picture. For every LBP channel there is, big or small, it contributes to the whole LBP community and keeps it alive and well. In some cases LBP channels also attract new players and that's a huge bonus. We shouldn't waste time criticizing those channels with rant videos, instead we should support the very thing that continues to advertise the game.
2016-07-23 10:13:27
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