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2016-06-30 21:56:20 / Author: five-ate-five
Hello people, I made this level (obviously) 
There is some secrets and dialogs here. I tried to make it a lil causal then i used to. Have fun
2016-06-30 21:56:20
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2016-06-30 22:32:38 / Author: Toastrz
I'll be sure to give this a play later!
2016-06-30 22:32:38
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2016-07-01 22:25:34 / Author: Toastrz
Got the chance to play this earlier and I really liked it! It had that distinct "five-ate-five" flair to it with the colorful, bouncy scenery and frequent traversal of rooftops. The character interactions were amusing and I enjoyed how Jack Planet was so animated instead of just being a static cardboard character with maybe one or two parts moving. Every appearance was clearly a unique creation with him tweaking his mustache, leaning from the side, etc.

The level itself was also quite fun. I loved the way the level introduced mechanics like the Rubik's Cube and would reuse them at just the right intervals, keeping it fresh in the players mind without becoming stale. The primary mechanic of switching between normal and top-down movement was interesting and utilized in some creative ways (most notably the grappling hook), but the controls for those portions felt like they could use some fine-tuning. Movement was too fast and jumps were very stiff.

A solid level overall, just needs some edits to the control of the top-down sections. I hope you'll make more levels like this!
2016-07-01 22:25:34
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