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Cybernetic Force Volume 2: The Search for Force Chips

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2016-06-04 00:10:28 / Author: JustinArt

The second installment of the adventure series has finally arrived. The map features three story-driven cutscenes, six platforming levels, three epic boss fights, and a store. Like Volume 1, the adventure includes minigames and hidden collectable bells. In Gamma, fly inside the mechanical beast as swoop in part 1. Then grind the rails with the hook hat in part 2. In Delta, use the boost boots to dodge hazardous obstacle and reach higher platforms in both parts 1 and 2. And there's also an oddsock to play as in second half of Delta Part 2, including the springinator obstacle. In Epsilon, swim through the floaty fluid as both sackboy and toggle in part 1, and survive the infernal temple with the hoverboard in part 2. There's only one installment of the series left, so keep an eye on the epic finale Volume 3 later this year. Hope you enjoy my newest adventure .


Gamma Intro: Swooping Towards Mech Turtle

Gamma Part 1: Mech Turtle

Gamma Part 2: Recycle Center

Gamma Boss: Junk Behemoth

Delta Intro: Let The Games Begin

Delta Part 1: Spamland

Delta Part 2: Spam Arena

Delta Boss: Sam Spam

Epsilon Intro: Fire and Ice

Epsilon Part 1: Ice Temple

Epsilon Part 2: Fire Temple

Epsilon Boss: Virus Djinn
2016-06-04 00:10:28
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2016-06-05 21:48:37 / Author: Sandro8708
Its queued
2016-06-05 21:48:37
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