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2016-06-01 09:10:40 / Author: ramkibainu
deadly mutation 3D

I'm back... but this time I have to offer you innovation!
something revolutionary... it's real 3D!!! YES! I DID IT!
finally i reached  real 3D on LBP... no more ''ankwards controls'', no more looking at the floor... the view it's almost perfect...

maybe i was angry and tired of levels that looks the same, maybe i'm a genius... or maybe i just was lucky, but i found a way to create 3D worlds that looks like made on unity

STORY: an expedition to Antartica found a deadly alien virus on martian rocks.

I'm happy and so proud of my creation , finally we have an almost perfect 3D camera

see?...almost like made on unity

play my level and complete the story to obtain my newest 3D ramcam version 3.0, now you can recreate halo, doom or even alien isolation!!!

''one small step for a sackboy, one giant leap for sackind''
2016-06-01 09:10:40
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2016-06-02 19:08:32 / Author: Sandro8708
hey, looks cool. Its queued
2016-06-02 19:08:32
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2016-06-03 04:49:44 / Author: CuriousSack
Boaahh! This has been absolute amazing! The atmosphere of being lost,, the 'lone survivor in this hostile arctic station' feeling with all that mutant creatures around...perfect! And then that creepy and scary sounds!
The 3D camera is superb! And so are the story and the gameplay!
Thank you so much for sharing such a thrilling Ego-shooter with our community! And I'm looking forward to play the next chapter hopefully soon!
I wish your level luck, many greetings, Jürgen^^
2016-06-03 04:49:44
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2016-06-05 19:03:03 / Author: kubac2000
I'm working on a 3D engine as well. But it's going to be way bigger. Advanced 3D (that also goes up and down) camera, lighting effects and even I'm working on a 3D box physics which it may really revolutionize whole 3D experience in LBP. (obviously if it's going to be made of course ). But this doesn't I'm not gonna play this level and see what you've done
2016-06-05 19:03:03
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