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I need one more trophy!

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2016-05-31 04:35:54 / Author: dinorap1
I need the "Don't go alone..." trophy and I will unlock the Platinum trophy. I do have another controller, so if I end up not getting help I can do it myself, but I'd prefer not having to do two things at once. So is anyone willing to do this with me? I'm not sure what the requirements are. Do we have to start from the beginning and clear every level to the very end? I have no idea.

I will be available to do this sometime between 9am PST through 9pm PST tomorrow. Let me know if you're willing to help.
2016-05-31 04:35:54
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2016-05-31 06:07:18 / Author: dinorap1
Actually I read on this trophy guide that you can do it easily with two controllers by doing most of a level yourself and then turning on another controller. I'd still prefer to do it with one of you guys though, so let me know if you wanna help.
2016-05-31 06:07:18
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2016-05-31 06:50:01 / Author: Hanfi1311
Missing this trophy for platinum, too, tried it several times with 2 controllers, made a checklist with all levels, I'm sure, played all of them, but never got the trophy...
2016-05-31 06:50:01
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2016-05-31 15:39:13 / Author: dinorap1

Maybe you missed one of these levels?



(*)Needlepoint Peaks

(*)Newton's Airship

(*)Stitchem Manor

(*)Tinpot Towers
Book One: Manglewood

(*)High Stakes Heist

(*)Deep Space Drive-In

(*)Shake, Rattle, and Roll

(*)Crumbling Crypts

(*)Light, Camera, Traction!
Book Two: The Ziggurat

(*)Furry Soles, Hot Coals

(*)Flip-Flopped Folios

(*)Go Loco

(*)Tutu Tango

(*)On the Links of Disaster
Book Three: Bunkum Lagoon

(*)Belly of the Beast

(*)Masque Maker's Tower

(*)Cloud Caravan

(*)The Great Escape

(*)Even Bosses Wear Hats Sometimes...
I can help you if you want. And it would be nice if you helped me too!
2016-05-31 15:39:13
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2016-05-31 17:36:38 / Author: Toastrz

Weird, I got the trophy no problem as soon as I beat the final boss with a friend.  Sure you completed all of them?
2016-05-31 17:36:38
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2016-05-31 18:11:38 / Author: dinorap1
So... nobody wants to help? ;-;
2016-05-31 18:11:38
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2016-05-31 19:26:38 / Author: Hanfi1311
Yes, I'm sure, checked all StoryLevels, have Multiplayer Highscore in all Levels and was always Host...

Only have time on weekend to play some levels, maybe we could play the last levels and I'm Host, these are the hardest with 2 controllers and I help you with some levels and you are Host... but I don't have time for complete story mode although I like to get platinum, too 

Are you on PS3 or PS4, only need help with PS4, dont play PS3 LBP3 any more...
2016-05-31 19:26:38
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2016-05-31 20:01:43 / Author: dinorap1

Yep, I'm on the PS4 too. The weekend you say? I can wait until then. I'd be fine with you helping me on the final levels, that sounds perfect. You can add me, my PSN is dinorap1. Here:

If you want me to help you on some levels too I will. Just let me know. 
LBP3 is extremely buggy. It's sad, since this game has the potential to do many things, but I can barely do the simplest things without a bug getting in the way...  
2016-05-31 20:01:43
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