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Strange Creepy Level by Inactive User

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2016-05-24 15:49:17 / Author: Arthur
I was just going into random levels, and I stumbled across a level named "Billy's Dream" by creator "Orcenaroos", what made me go into it was the thumbnail, which appeared to be a black and white photo taken around the 1930 . It's weird as hell, and designed very differently to the creator's previous levels, which were all published from 2009-2010.

When you first enter the level, the first thing you will notice is that it's black and white, and also the music playing is just vocals, no accompaniment, it sounds like some choir chanting.  Certainly creepy.  I'll let you explore the rest of the level yourself, I don't want to ruin the creepiness, but one thing I will say is that every now and then I found letters scattered throughout the level. There really is no gameplay, you just walk around an unsettling setting... But the most disturbing part of this level is at the very end, if you chose not to complete the level and simply turn around, you will find a radio... You can listen  for yourself... 

I just find it very strange that this inactive user released such a level different to his different ones, like SO different. This user seems to have been a very young child, as the other levels don't have anything particularly artistic in them. But anyway, I hope you guys play it and feel as weird as I did...
2016-05-24 15:49:17
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2016-05-24 22:06:22 / Author: Toastrz
I'm always impressed by how well horror can be achieved in LBP. There are plenty of cheap "horror" levels out there as well, but when someone manages to make a genuinely good scary level, they do it REALLY well.
2016-05-24 22:06:22
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2016-05-26 06:46:40 / Author: Pan_Ziemniak
Played the level. Had no idea what this is, but damn.
If you die, you'll come back to the beggining and a butterfly with "FATHER" on it will appear.
Dad moves his arm as if he was trying to hit you. Child abuse?
Let's not forget he has coins in place of eyes, which would suggest he's a materialist/greedy.

Let's not forget letters formed "LONELY".
2016-05-26 06:46:40
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2016-05-26 07:09:37 / Author: mdkd
I queued it. I will play it soon. Seems to be scary.
2016-05-26 07:09:37
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2016-05-26 20:47:24 / Author: AL2009man
For those who can't find the level in, I can send ya a link to try it ourself!

I queued it as well.
2016-05-26 20:47:24
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2016-05-29 17:48:31 / Author: Arthur
Woah, you guys are right. The letters formed "LONELY"... And that father thing :o just found out about that now.... but did you guys see that radio with the weird static? And a boxing glove that says MA on it?

Yeah, I see that now! LONELY
2016-05-29 17:48:31
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