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Psychological Horror level

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2016-04-24 02:48:20 / Author: ratalsoni(1)
So lately I have been toying with the idea of making a psychological horror/thriller level for the vita. I've found a few good ones online already, but am wanting to make one myself.
Here is what I am thinking:
There will be a story
As you progress in the story, the world slowly distorts and changes around you
As things become more odd, rooms change, furniture disappears, and something starts hunting you
This will not be a top-down level, I would prefer to use the normal cameras
Grabbing doors would "take you into the room," i.e. teleport you to the room.
I am not a fan of jump-scares and random needless screams, so don't expect any of those things
It would all take place in a house, but other than that I am still trying to flesh out a justified and non-cliche story.
I am taking inspiration from They Came From My Nightmares, a wonderful LBPv level by Automatica, and Layers of Fear, an insane horror game.
The only thing that I would need help creating would be artwork and paintings for my level. There is no paint tool in LBPv so all custom images have to be made from sticker panel or by splicing together other stickers or materials.
If anyone is interested in making a few images, feel free to contact me. And if you want some ideas or inspiration, I have some links bellow. 
WARNING, some of these images may be disturbing or contain nude figures
The Nightmare by John Henry Fuseli
Monomania of Envy by Theodore Gericault
The Black Paintings by Goya
Salvador Dali's work
Anyways that's about it, what do you think? Would anyone care to play this, should I bother creating it at all? It seems most of the players of LBPv now-a-days are kids anyways, so would something like this be too much?
2016-04-24 02:48:20
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2016-04-24 08:16:04 / Author: CuriousSack
Hi Ratal,

this is sounding great, and if you need help with paintings, then I will try to do my best for you! Many greetings, Jürgen^^
2016-04-24 08:16:04
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2016-04-24 09:05:17 / Author: mdkd
Paintings are very interesting. I could take some photographs in LBPV and make some paintings with the stickers for you.
2016-04-24 09:05:17
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2016-04-25 08:41:09 / Author: DeKa1357
This sounds very good. I would play it for sure when you create it. Horror is my fav
2016-04-25 08:41:09
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2016-04-26 03:00:04 / Author: ratalsoni(1)

Thank you both! I took a bunch of pictures with my vita of paintings and images that I want to have in the level, but after I placed in 8, I looked at my thermometer and it was crazy high! The level itself was not yet filling the thermo even to 1/5, but with the 8 pictures I took it rocketed up to more than 3/4 full. So it will definitely have to be done by capturing in-game pictures.

I just had an idea. I will put the picture I took onto sticker panel, then capture that image with the in-game camera and see where that leads me.
2016-04-26 03:00:04
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2016-04-26 05:34:43 / Author: mdkd
When I had my old account I made a platformer with one camera picture. I think it is kind of a bug.

Creative idea. I saw that you're looking for old looking furniture. Which kind of?

What about that?
2016-04-26 05:34:43
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2016-04-27 04:44:49 / Author: ratalsoni(1)

I like the old dark stuff!
If you have a large collection, I will need a chair, table, closet (like that one), desk, coffee table, set of drawers (like that one), rocking chair, etc.
I'm just not good at making that kind of stuff myself 

Thank you so much. You are the most helpful person
2016-04-27 04:44:49
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2016-04-28 14:42:59 / Author: mdkd
While I am writing this on my PS Vita I am still online in LBPV and I am also in this level. You are a lucky guy.

I think that I am not good at it. Maybe I have some skills at it, but I am not a professionell, but nevertheless thank you!

I made some more stuff. I like the light temperature...
2016-04-28 14:42:59
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2016-04-29 10:54:38 / Author: FreddyFerrari
Always great to see that there are still some cool levels coming for LBP Vita
2016-04-29 10:54:38
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2016-04-29 11:33:44 / Author: mdkd
If you want some active LBP Vita players, I am the man for you.

There are some nice levels in LBPV. 1 day ago I played a Fallout 3 level, which was made by Adroidplyr47. A nice level!
2016-04-29 11:33:44
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2017-05-02 06:09:27 / Author: mdkd
Do you still develop this level?
2017-05-02 06:09:27
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