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My Two New Vita Levels!

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2016-04-10 21:26:24 / Author: ratalsoni(1)
Alrighty then, this first level is my entry to the KFContest hosted on Sackinima Forums titled "The Old Barn." It is an enjoyable platformer intended for one player only.

My second newest level is a re-creation of the second boss in LBP3 (the coolest looking one I have to say). "It Came from the Black Swamp" can be played with someone else and is only the boss fight, there is no story involved.

Please check them out and write a review or comment, it really helps me out. 
2016-04-10 21:26:24
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2016-04-10 22:55:40 / Author: mdkd
Wow, they really seem to be interesting. Yesterday I couldn't log in in PSN, but today I'll play it.
2016-04-10 22:55:40
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2016-04-11 02:33:59 / Author: Biorogue
Sweet! I'll queue them.
2016-04-11 02:33:59
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2016-04-13 15:27:36 / Author: mdkd
The PSN does work again in my area. I will play your levels these days.
2016-04-13 15:27:36
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2016-04-13 17:24:25 / Author: Toastrz
I was on my Vita a few days ago and played The Old Barn. I definitely think you'll win the Vita side of the contest. I'm yet to play your boss recreation, however.
2016-04-13 17:24:25
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