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Frozen Furnace of Foilage [Platformer]

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2016-04-03 16:57:51 / Author: VoksMaiGosh
Hi. Haven't been on here for awhile but I thought i'd share my new level! 

For a long time i've focused on levels using complicated sackbots and rather heavy logic based enemies. in that time i noticed I actually have gotten better with level design. So why not just make a level with regular ol' Sackboy!

Frozen Furnace of Foliage is the platforming level i decided to make. It's rather short, but it does feature some prototype logic for the Ice Hazard I based on the real hazard that was scrapped, and a quick boss battle!

Here's a preview that i made for it, and here is the link to the level!:
2016-04-03 16:57:51
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2016-04-03 19:48:40 / Author: SakuraLBPDragonX
Looks pretty cool! Queued.
2016-04-03 19:48:40
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2016-04-03 20:31:16 / Author: sackboy206
Nice! I'll be sure to give this one a try and give some feedback
2016-04-03 20:31:16
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2016-04-03 21:00:21 / Author: VoksMaiGosh
OH! also forgot to mention. it is a single player level because the ice hazard is a prototype, so it kills other players when one is trapped
2016-04-03 21:00:21
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