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cursed 2 -shrine of the water maiden

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2016-02-12 10:03:54 / Author: ramkibainu
the long awaited and promised sequel is here!...
(sorry if it took me so much time but i wanted to make it perfect)
cursed 2 -shrine of the water maiden

Makoto never found her father in the Shimuro mansion...
assuming his death she returned to their village.
Two years later after finishing her training as a water priestess, Makoto received a letter from her father
begging her to purify the village where lived the budhist monk that cursed the Shimuro family.

(WARNING: this is NOT a level, it is a complete GAME... will take at least 30 minutes of your life to finish it)

-redesigned and more stylish camera view
-new puzzles that fits with the environment (i avoided the classic key and boxes from all the horror and adventure games)
-graphics really upgraded in comparison with the first episode
-7 new and different ghosts (the first episode only have 4)
-be sure to investigate every corner and object, scenario is less lineal now

hope you enjoy this adventure, this is my love letter to the japanese horror games like kuon,fatal frame,silent hill,resident evil,etc...
be sure to see the emotional ending, this is the last episode of cursed on lbp...
...i not promise anything yet but if people wants more, maybe i could make another episode on Dreams since there is room to continue the story.

2016-02-12 10:03:54
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