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LBN Seasonal Shenanigans -Santa's daughter revenge

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2016-01-03 21:41:45 / Author: ramkibainu
LBN Seasonal Shenanigans -Santa's daughter revenge

Santa Claus was kidnapped by the evil snowmen... it's time for revenge!
armed with stardust and katana, his daughter Merry Claus is on a mission to rescue him and save Christmas again...

embark yourself in a fantabulous retro style adventure filled with delicious pixels!

enjoy this unique concept remixed of culture pop an retro syle! , it was a huge amount of work to make these pixel arts and animations
2016-01-03 21:41:45
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2016-01-03 22:42:21 / Author: SakuraLBPDragonX
Awe cute level! Queued!
2016-01-03 22:42:21
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2016-01-18 08:18:43 / Author: ramkibainu

thanks Sakura, but my level was deleted

hey StevenI guy, why my level was selected on the winter wonderlands section lasted more than a week there and yesterday i noticed that was deleted?... i not received some sort of notification...this is to prevent to me being winner of the LBN contest? (tomorrow they will announce the winner)

if is there is something wrong why selected it? to select it on the winter wonderlands section obviously that team picks played it from the beginning to the end.

edit: hey StevenI guy, sorry for this confusion, pooka explained me what happened
i not tried to republish it, until know about the issue.
2016-01-18 08:18:43
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2016-01-21 13:22:01 / Author: ramkibainu
my level was restored, thanks StevenI , my apologies if i misjudged you.
anyway, i modified some things, so i think is a better version now.
2016-01-21 13:22:01
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2016-01-21 13:31:03 / Author: CuriousSack
Fine to hear, so congrats for the fantastic result!
Many greetings, Jürgen^^
2016-01-21 13:31:03
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2016-01-21 13:51:30 / Author: ramkibainu
thanks, i was runner up on the contest but since the first place already have a crown the new one passed to me, so i'm glad to be selected between the best 

looking forward to future contests, and speciaally on Dreams
2016-01-21 13:51:30
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