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Battle with Zombies - Sandstorm (TopDown)

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2015-12-24 23:46:44 / Author: mdkd

I had to update this...

Battle with Zombies - Sandstorm

BWZ is a TopDown shooter. Shoot zombies for points. Unlock different weapons, perks and use big helps like a mortar strike or something. After you unlocked all the stuff, you can buy it with the points you earned. Your target: Get a highscore and be a legend!

What is so special about this TopDown shooter?

It comes with good graphics, visualFX, soundFX, nice stuff to unlock and buy and there are new levels every year.

BWZ Sandstorm

It is hot, dry and zombies are coming from everywhere. This map contains the shop and it is the first one of all Battle with Zombies levels, which has one. Defend yourself with the new guns and enjoy!

Here I have a list of everything, what changed:

- 3 guns

- 5 perks

- 2 bighelps

- new effects

- and many more!

There is also a little 'How to play' tutorial:

2015-12-24 23:46:44
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2016-05-22 02:51:54 / Author: mdkd

I have updated the level:
- New view of the game possible (zoomed in)
- New offer at the shop
- Shop is avaible evereywhere with th up button
- Small changes on the level design
- New soundtrack

It isn't that big, but it is something. I am kind of better as Treyarch, Sledgehammer games or infinity ward. Yeah!
2016-05-22 02:51:54
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