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Find the Sackboy 4 (Halloween)

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2015-10-31 13:48:09 / Author: Tomsnodgrass
Happy Halloween everyone! It's time for the fourth round of Find the Sackboy, Halloween style! So let's get down to business.
At this spooky time of year, Sackboy soon grew tired of trick or treating and decided to go to the grave yard to hold a séance. Unknowingly, he opened up a portal to the underworld and let all manner of creatures through. Sackboy hastily ran away, but the portal was left open. Word got around very quickly, and the Ghostbusters gotcalled in. Now it's your job to help the gang locate all of the lost souls. Will you succeed, or leave Craftworld to be haunted for all eternity? Mwahahahaha.....

Just click on the picture should you wish to view it bigger.


2015-10-31 13:48:09
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2015-10-31 14:26:28 / Author: DeKa1357
That's very cool! Happy Halloween
2015-10-31 14:26:28
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2015-11-02 17:54:58 / Author: leftstickrightstick
This is awesome! wish I knew how to tweet this out to people!
2015-11-02 17:54:58
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2015-11-03 14:27:27 / Author: CuriousSack
Fantastic picture and it hasn't been easy to find them all, nevertheless I found them! Thanks a lot for this funny series! Christmas edition already planned??

Many greetings, Jürgen^^
2015-11-03 14:27:27
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