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Cybernetic Force Volume 1: Team Hardware Rises Again!

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2015-10-30 22:44:19 / Author: JustinArt

The first adventure map of my LBP3 level series project is finally here. The map features 11 exciting levels to play through, plus a store level where players buy prizes with collectable bells that are hidden in the levels. There are two story-driven cutscene levels, six platforming levels (half of them includes a minigame), and three epic boss levels to explore throughout the map. It starts with Sector Alpha where players are being trained in nine different challenges (four in part 1, another four in part 2, and the boss challenge in Alpha Boss), and each challenge pits a player to overcome new obstacles and use such LBP3 tools as blink ball and boost boots. Then in Beta, players will be playing as Oddsock in part 1, and survive through the dojo with the pumpinator in part 2. And in Sector Inifinity, players explore the Utopia Lake as toggle, and explore Restore Palace with the blink ball in part 2. Also, there's three custom music created by me included in this level. Hope you check out my first adventure level series.

Pics (coming up in a moment):

Alpha Part 1: Hardware HQ Training Zone 1

Alpha Part 2: Hardware HQ Training Zone 2

Alpha Boss: Crow Mech

Beta Intro: Hero's Unexpected Transformation

Beta Part 1: Neon Woods

Beta Part 2: USB Dojo

Beta Boss: Virus Spider

Infinity Intro: Welcome to Utopia Megalopolis

Infinity Part 1: Utopia Lake

Infinity Part 2: Restore Palace

Infinity Boss: Glitch and Virus Golem
2015-10-30 22:44:19
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2015-12-11 20:20:32 / Author: ramkibainu
it was a great adventure, it feels like a real game
2015-12-11 20:20:32
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2015-12-12 20:16:42 / Author: SakuraLBPDragonX
Wow! This looks like a huge adventure! =3 Definitely going to try this! Queued
2015-12-12 20:16:42
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