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Cursed trains 2 - Salvation [VITA]

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2015-10-20 09:35:47 / Author: mdkd
mdkd here again.

I wanted to give this an update.

Cursed Trains 2 - Salvation (The sequel of the first level)

George has survived the train crash in the first level. His gf heard about the crash and visited that place and found George. A few weeks later George and his gf Veronica planned something for their holidays. It is a clishee, but they went with a train. George doesn't trust it and he was right, because the train crashes. He gets unconcious and wakes up in a cage.  This is, what happened in the intro. 

I am not finished with the level, but  am working on it. 

The level will feature different choices for example you can turn right or left.
The level will feature QTE (Quick time events), which can end deadly and finish the level immediately.
The level will not feature a flashlight, there will be enough light.
The level will feature jump scares.
The level will feature dialogues.
The level will feature easter eggs like a picture of my self.
The level will also feature documents which you can find. They will explain elements of the story.

To show you what you can exspect, here are some little screenshots:

Maybe I will post some updates and if I post them, they will be in a new post.

Thank you.
2015-10-20 09:35:47
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2015-10-25 20:14:52 / Author: totodiel
Crash* unconcious*

if you want, I can fix your grammar, I'm not native English myself, but give me a chance
2015-10-25 20:14:52
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2015-10-26 08:08:30 / Author: mdkd
No thanks!
I'm writing with my PS Vita, touch screen.

Thank you for correcting me.
2015-10-26 08:08:30
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2016-03-26 07:44:15 / Author: mdkd

I am coming forward. I am focussed at the level design. It should be cool and realistic.

I have to make a lot of stuff. I was also thinking about check points. I will not make checkpoints. Not because of the logic part, it is because of the main part. If you fail, it should be over. This is realistic.

When it comes to the voice acts, I have to say, that it is going to be hard, to have good stuff at the end. In LBP Vita you can't change the sound background to big hall, so I have to record in LBP3, than play them and record with the Vita the same time. It is hard work, and I know that I don't get thousands of plays or even houndred, but I still want to keep LBP Vita alive with good levels.
2016-03-26 07:44:15
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2016-03-30 20:15:44 / Author: mdkd

I really like the level design. 

However I have to continue soon.
2016-03-30 20:15:44
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2016-03-31 04:00:50 / Author: ratalsoni(1)
Looking forward to it!
2016-03-31 04:00:50
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2016-04-02 03:28:17 / Author: mdkd
Nice to have support. Makes me happy.
2016-04-02 03:28:17
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2016-06-10 15:33:57 / Author: mdkd
I will start off again.
2016-06-10 15:33:57
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