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2015-10-11 10:30:01 / Author: Addictex

(1-4 Players) (Prizes included)
Neon-Forest still suffers from its own pointless civil war.
The nation split in two sections and the beautiful colors of the forest changed.
There's just one way to end all of this in peace... find your way through both
parts of the forest, hack their Dynamo and rearrange the batteries.
Simple? You'll find out.  *Music made by me*
2015-10-11 10:30:01
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2015-10-12 06:46:06 / Author: SakuraLBPDragonX
Sounds interesting! Looks nice too =3 Queued!

And welcome back! ^-^
2015-10-12 06:46:06
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2015-10-12 12:02:28 / Author: Kato
I have it queued!
2015-10-12 12:02:28
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2015-10-12 13:25:51 / Author: leftstickrightstick
We played it a little while ago and left a message in the comments section.

We had some problems with the boss? At the centre of the dynamo machine we couldn't use the switch, it did't budge an inch.

We really enjoyed this level and we were very gutted that we couldn't do anything to advance from the dynamo.

We tried go back and through the dynamo in and out multiple times XD

Would have been al little helpful if it mentioned we had to go back by that pier area before the sewers.
2015-10-12 13:25:51
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2015-10-12 19:28:48 / Author: Addictex
Thank you all I hope you like it

@leftstickrightstick; yeah, that was a bug, but I fixed it now.
I'm glad you both enjoyed the level

Thanks for the feedback too!
2015-10-12 19:28:48
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2015-10-14 12:15:46 / Author: leftstickrightstick

Awesome, we're going to queue it up again then!
2015-10-14 12:15:46
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2015-10-15 10:36:37 / Author: leftstickrightstick
@Addictex, the chemical forest area, now is completely not playable, can't see anything. screen is just blanketed by green mist, only see splashes of water when we die
2015-10-15 10:36:37
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2015-10-15 20:23:23 / Author: Addictex

Did you try to reload the level? LBP3 is still buggy, so maybe the level didn't load correctly. I didn't change anything on that area at all, so if it worked for you before it should be just fine. Guess it was a temporary glitch
2015-10-15 20:23:23
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2015-10-16 13:24:18 / Author: Kato
I got around to playing this. It's a good start, but I have several recommendations I'd like to make.

1. In the first level, on the way to Ampere, once you get to the traveler, there's no indication that you need to backtrack. Since this is a forest of Neon why not include some neon arrow signs to point the way, and maybe also change the time of day to show something has changed in the level?

2. On the way back on the first level, the electrified guards would be best replaced by creatures with poppable brains. Avoiding sackbots is not easy.

3. In the second level, the gas circuit puzzle needs work. The position you have to hold your fingers in is very uncomfortable. Why not use a tag-position system? All you need is a follower on the moving circuits, and a selector linked into several identical tags. The follower will always follow the active tag, and you can use the controlinator to cycle selections.

4. Past the bridge where you roll the electrified orb over the guards, there are three up-down moving platforms that electrify. PLEASE remove the electricity. This close to the end we should really be allowed to proceed quickly, and there's no checkpoint right before a very difficult obstacle.

5. The Boss....

This thing needs work. I like the idea of the maze, but felt like several obstacles/materials were simply picked at random. Like, why use Adventure Time materials on what's obviously a non-cartoon machine? Plus it's incredibly hard to navigate. remember, this machine is spinning constantly, so players may need to grab something to avoid obstacles. There's one spot in particular, where there's an electrical outlet that sometimes electrifies. Having grab points on either side of that would be a blessing, since the maze will rotate and you will inevitable get fried.

It needs more checkpoints as well. MANY more checkpoints. You may not think so, but there's a LOT of obstacles inside, and having to repeat numerous easy ones because of one hard one is madness.

The attractable hologram above the battery needs to go. It's not fun. Not fun at all. (Actually that would be an ideal place for a checkpoint, and something to grab on to.)

Overall, you've got a good baseline level. It's way above average. Those are my tips to help it out though. Good job.
2015-10-16 13:24:18
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2015-10-16 17:43:59 / Author: Addictex
Thank you so much for the feedback I really appreciate it! I agree on most of your recommendations, and I will check them out and update the level.

I'm not sure if I like the idea of neon signs leading you back, since Ampére is not a place you usually go to from Ohm. That's why the only way for the player to even get there is through a sewer system. But many players seem to have a hard time getting there, so I'm gonna find a way to make it more obvious.

I'm gonna have a look at the other things you pointed out and fix them.

Thanks again for the feedback! It's rare these days
2015-10-16 17:43:59
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2015-10-17 05:00:20 / Author: dakrrs
Got it in my Queue.
2015-10-17 05:00:20
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2015-10-17 21:18:31 / Author: nerd_dog
i'll check it out
2015-10-17 21:18:31
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2015-10-21 17:31:48 / Author: Addictex
I uploaded the level and fixed some bugs

(*)Hints on the way after meeting up with the foreign traveller
(*)I changed the mechanism of the emergency exit in the second part of the level
(*)Added prize bubbles (hidden)
(*)Fixed the last obstacle in the second part of the level
(*)I rearranged some parts of the boss level and it is now easier to get through that part

Thank you all for the feedback
2015-10-21 17:31:48
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2016-01-09 17:59:06 / Author: Addictex
There's a new update to the level!

(*)Only the player touching the water will die
(*)Changes on the music track 'Chemical Woods', which can be heard in the second section of the level
(*)The boss fight is easier to beat

That's all for now hope you all enjoy the level. Thanks to Hanfi1311 for helping me fix the water glitch.
2016-01-09 17:59:06
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2016-03-29 10:54:45 / Author: Addictex
New update:

(*)Only the player touching the hot steam will die (in the second section of the level)
(*)Changed some dialogs
(*)Some objects were not appearing correctly in the second section of the level => I fixed that
(*)I rearranged the boss fight and deleted some unneccessary stuff => there are no more !-signs and all objects are appearing correctly
(*)I changed some laggy parts
2016-03-29 10:54:45
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2016-03-29 13:10:53 / Author: sackboy206
Queued and ready
2016-03-29 13:10:53
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