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2015-10-08 21:53:54 / Author: mdkd
Hi there!

I had nothing to do, so I created another level of the BWZ series. Everytime I said 'I will add the features!', but I never did. I am really sorry for all those lies. I am sorry for keeping you in the wait - zone. I am sorry for not updating my levels:
-BWZ Oh Russia
-BWZ Dead Zone
-BWZ Undead nightmare
Every player waited a long time. But now I've got answers:
I was busy with the level design, the engine of the whole BWZ minigame and with the logic of the microchips of the player. It's hard to do all this stuff and add new stuff. Now you could say 'But others can take that challenge!' Actually you're right.
However, I don't want to be sad in public, I'm not one of those, who want to get attention to their problems. I just wanted to make clear, what happend.

So, my new level 'BWZ Sandstorm' is another level of my minigame series. I don't know why, but I feel like a developer of Call of Duty. New games, but no new features. 

This time I will add something more:

- A machine, where you can buy the new guns

- New objects like exploding metal boxes

- Of course new gun sounds

- New display objects

- Small changes on the microchip logic

About the machine with the new guns & player extras:
3 new guns: Small MP, Magnum and another pistol.
3 player extras: Faster running, faster reloading and protective vest.

To the map itself:

It's a small map with a closed area, which can be opened with some points. At this area you can find the machine with the guns & extras. 
The map remembers on a village in a desert. With a water place or something. You can also see some wheels and boxes. They let us know, that there were some plunderers. 

About the start menu:

The menu has changed. It's smaller and the letters are from notes now. So if you push start on your VITA, they disappear. I've added the standard options like MUSIC audio level and aim help. I will also add more like a option where you can change the quality of the WHOLE level like blood effects, light effects and something.

About the engine:
As always I will make small changes on the engine like bugfixing or adding new stuff.
Everytime, when you kill a zombie, you will get a small notice on the side, that you got 100EP.
I will update this thread and add more information and pictures soon. 

Thank you for your attention.
 your mdkd
2015-10-08 21:53:54
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