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Battle with Zombies - severage

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2015-09-18 13:19:21 / Author: mdkd
first I want to thank Hanfi for making this categorie. It helps me a lot to show my projects without having problems with the publishing.

Battle with zombies is a top down-shooter, where you shoot zombies for points. At my first 3 levels I always changed something. Everyone would love to see more guns and extras. So I wanted to change something and I started to make a new level. 
This level is something different. You always fighted outside or in a cabin. Now you fight in a severage (Is it right to call it canalisation?). Some days ago I found a way to hide the magazine capacity and show another guns capacity. This is really cool in my opinion, because it allows me to use optimized ways to create this feature. And when we already talk about 'optimize', I can add something there. I was thinking of an option, which makes the game more smooth. It costs something of the effects, but the game would run in 30 fps at all time. 
And everyone, who cares more about effects, would be able to keep all effects but with some framerate problems. Because everytime, when you shoot a zombies, his blood spawns and this reduces the framerate. 
I also optimized the micro chips for my personal use. I was opening the main micro chip and the framerate was reduced to 20fps.

However, I will add more guns, some extras and more options at the start menu. 
I have made pictures, but I can't upload them now. I will add them later.

The level design is at the beginning. I have to think about locations and more. Some boxes and a huge metal plate would be boring. So I'm brainstorming.

See ya!
2015-09-18 13:19:21
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