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2015-09-09 01:39:50 / Author: Tinoc21
I'm about three weeks into a new level called "FarGate" made by me TinoC21.. If you do a search for TinoC21 you can find it, and please play the one that is created in LBP3 not LBP1. I based the LBP3 version from the original.. the game-play is nothing alike.  I really need suggestions on how I can tweak, modify, and improve the overall game-play of this level.  Its a puzzler, so please let me know if the level is too hard to figure out.  If you find a problem send me a comment and I can adjust that part/object in the level.    I'm not finished so the please just go to the exit on episode 3 of the level.  I know I need to add some "subtitles" to explain some of the artifacts you collect. If you have time please check it out and leave a comment... 

constructive criticism is welcomed .  I hope one day I can get up to team pick status. 

Level: FarGate
PSN: TinoC21

I also have "Syfun" if you enjoy oldschool levels.
2015-09-09 01:39:50
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2015-09-09 02:05:59 / Author: Biorogue
I'll give it a go. Remember to always, ALWAYS provide a level link. Here is yours.
wait, which one do I play. You have two. They are the same level? Link to other one.
2015-09-09 02:05:59
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2015-09-09 21:16:00 / Author: Tinoc21

Thank you..for the level link info.  I heard the level is a bit too dark so I'm working on lighting at the moment.   I need to fix some of the areas so you don't drop off the map.  Do you have any other tips?
2015-09-09 21:16:00
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2015-10-01 07:51:53 / Author: Girps
trying this...
2015-10-01 07:51:53
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